Piaggio Medley S 155 2022 has just landed in Indonesia, threatening Honda SH 150i when returning to Vietnam

The Piaggio Medley S 155 2022 scooter model has the ability to ‘land’ the Honda SH 150i 2021 with a new look and modern equipment. This is a scooter product with Italian characteristics. Recently, Piaggio has officially announced the new generation Medley S 2022 scooter model in the Indonesian market with an impressive appearance and […]

Honda Click 160 is ‘worried’ when new competitor appears: Equipped with Honda SH, beautiful design

Honda Click 160’s rival, Yamaha Aerox 160, has just posted a new image with an eye-catching appearance, promising to become the king of scooters to replace Honda SH. Recently, the Julak Sendie Design site attracted users’ attention when revealing a series of renderings of the Yamaha Aerox 160 model. Compared to the 150cc version, the […]

Competitors put heat on the Honda SH 125i 2021 with great equipment, quality design, priced at about 80 million

Yamaha Zuma 125 has officially launched in the US with a cool design and high technology. The scooter model is “making waves” with an extremely competitive price compared to the Honda SH 125i and a very cool appearance. The Zuma 125 has a strong, sporty appearance with a headlight system, headlights and turn signals, aerodynamic […]

Tmax Tech Max large sports scooter line launched in Thailand with beautiful shape, shipped to Vietnam for about 500 million

The new version of the car is equipped with Yamaha’s most powerful engine and the equipment on the Tmax Tech Max is also among the most advanced today. TMAX Tech MAX is designed for users’ long-distance travel needs, coming with a completely new compact body with a longer saddle and footrests for a more comfortable […]

Toyota Camry 2023 Nightshade version launched, with a sporty character: who dares to call it an ‘old people’s car’?

The Nightshade version on the Toyota Camry 2023 has a sportier, more personal style even though the standard version has a youthful design. Since the launch of the eighth generation Toyota Camry, the Japanese automaker said it was time to prepare to upgrade to a new generation. Therefore, the changes of this 2023 facelift are […]

Harley Davidson opens for sale Low Rider ST 2022 in Vietnam, priced at 759 million VND

Low Rider ST is distributed by Harley Davidson Vietnam with a price of 759 million VND with 2 color options: Vivid Black and Gunship Gray. Harley-Davidson has a new member in 2022, the Harley Davidson Low Rider ST 2022, a sports motorcycle with a Softail frame, powerful Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine, removable hard side panels and […]

India makes it difficult for Tesla: don’t think it’s easy, Elon Musk!

The tough move from the Indian Government has caused Tesla’s plan to enter the potential market to be temporarily shelved. Elon Musk in a meeting with Indian Prime Minister – Nerendra Modi. The Indian and Chinese markets are places that car manufacturers always want to deploy as the potential is huge with a population of […]

Selling at the listed price, Kia Sonet has sales far surpassing Toyota Raize in April 2022

Although it has undergone several price adjustments, selling at the listed price combined with a 50% registration fee discount has helped Kia Sonet have sales of nearly 1,000 cars in April 2022. According to sales report from VAMA, in April 2022, Toyota Raize’s sales decreased from 688 cars to 630 cars, while Kia Sonet had […]

Encountered the new generation Isuzu Mu-X 2022 right at the Vietnamese factory, the interior is somewhat “genuine”

After the Isuzu D-Max pickup model, images said to be the new version of the Isuzu Mu-X have just been spotted at the Vietnamese factory, with the expected launch date not far away. In fact, Isuzu Vietnam had a plan to bring a new version of the Mu-X SUV model in early 2021, but due […]

CB500X 2022, Honda’s new mid-range Adventure model, has arrived in Vietnam at an affordable price

Honda CB500X is upgraded with equipment imported from Thailand and the announced selling price is only 179 million VND. This will be a mid-range Adventure model suitable for backpackers at an affordable price. Honda suddenly organized an event in Ninh Binh with a new version of the Adventure CB500X model. The car has many changes […]