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Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, once owned by bitcoin giant, is priced at over 16 billion, with only 4,000 km in 4 years

The bitcoin giant’s Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, which once caused a stir, is being sold for more than 16 billion despite having only run more than 4,000 km in 4 years. A famous car business in Ho Chi Minh City recently offered to sell a super-gliding Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 on a used car floor. The car […]

MPV multi-purpose vehicle sales in April 2022: rookie Toyota Veloz chases Mitsubishi Xpander

The multi-purpose MPV segment in April 2022 has a strong mix of rankings between cars, especially the Toyota Veloz, which has been on the rise to compete fairly with the segment king Mitsubishi Xpander. Mitsubishi Xpander sales increased slightly but not significantly In April 2022, Mitsubishi Xpander had a slight increase in sales compared to […]

Lexus UX 2023 launched: using hybrid engine, improving safety

Lexus UX 2023 has just launched in the US market with engine changes and a series of upgrades to improve safety and customer experience. Lexus recently launched their smallest SUV model – UX 2023 – with the latest infotainment system and ADAS technology with F Sport design, accompanied by a series of chassis improvements. However, […]

Launch of Honda HR-V 2023 in Australia: price from 581 million VND, adding many genuine equipment

Honda HR-V 2023 launched in Australia with a more expensive price than its competitors but with many additional amenities and safety equipment. Similar to the European market, Honda HR-V 2023 Just launched in the Australian market, it is also sold in two versions: Vi and 30,900 USD (~ 713 million VND) for version e: HEV […]

The price list of Honda cars in mid-May increased rapidly, but Winner X decreased sharply

Due to the scarcity of components, Honda increased the prices of many scooters and motorbikes, especially the SH 150, but the Winner X line dropped sharply, creating a good opportunity for those who love this clutch model. Honda is the earliest Japanese brand motorbike brand present in Vietnam more than ten years ago. Honda motorbikes […]

Latest Vespa price list mid-May 2022: does high price go hand in hand with quality?

Belonging to the luxury scooter segment, Vespa owns many beautiful and attractive models that are both classic and modern, luxurious, always attracting attention without confusion in the crowd. Currently in the Vietnamese market, Primavera has many different versions to choose from. Vehicle colors are also diverse to suit the tastes of the majority of consumers. […]

Piaggio Medley S 155 2022 has just landed in Indonesia, threatening Honda SH 150i when returning to Vietnam

The Piaggio Medley S 155 2022 scooter model has the ability to ‘land’ the Honda SH 150i 2021 with a new look and modern equipment. This is a scooter product with Italian characteristics. Recently, Piaggio has officially announced the new generation Medley S 2022 scooter model in the Indonesian market with an impressive appearance and […]

Honda Click 160 is ‘worried’ when new competitor appears: Equipped with Honda SH, beautiful design

Honda Click 160’s rival, Yamaha Aerox 160, has just posted a new image with an eye-catching appearance, promising to become the king of scooters to replace Honda SH. Recently, the Julak Sendie Design site attracted users’ attention when revealing a series of renderings of the Yamaha Aerox 160 model. Compared to the 150cc version, the […]