Rolls-Royce seems to find it difficult to perfect further, but 9 details that make the newly launched Phantom Series II 2023 still cause admiration

The British super luxury car company wants to make the legendary Phantom even more perfect with small adjustments in the newly launched Phantom Series II model.

Back in time 5 years ago, Rolls-Royce introduced the eighth generation of the Phantom line and this model quickly won the hearts of the giants. The car company said that the 8th generation Rolls-Royce was so perfect that customers asked the car company not to make any more changes.

For this Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II version, the British car company decided to add some small updates and adjustments to make the car even better.

Torsten Muller- Otvos – CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars told the press that, “Customers already feel that the Phantom is perfect and that’s it, but we always believe that it needs more details to become absolutely perfect. The subtle changes we have made to the new Phantom Series II have been meticulously considered and executed as Henry Royce’s motto is.: The little things make perfection, but perfection is not the little things”.

Take a look at the new details that make the Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II even more perfect:

1 – Pantheon style grille

Along with the Spirit of Ecstasy on the hood, the Pantheon grille has been recognized as an inseparable symbol of RR and with the Phantom Series II, this grille is made square to look bolder, with an emphasis on Polished horizontal bars link the daytime lights. This grille will be illuminated to create an effect at night.

2 – Outstanding badge

RR has had a slight change at the top of the grille to better highlight the Spirit of Ecstasy and the legendary “RR” logo, especially when viewed from the front.

3 – Stylish headlights

The 2023 Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II has updated headlights with a single LED light bar aligned with the top of the grille, this helps keep the model neat and the connection between the light cluster and the grille more uniform. and tie the lights and grille together better. Star lights with intricate laser-cut bezels can be seen around the headlights – a clear connection to the signature Star Headlights inside.

4 – New wheels

A newly updated wheel of the RR Phantom Series II 2023 with 3D designed stainless steel rims with polished triangles. There’s also the option of retro-styled disc wheels reminiscent of RR models of the 1920s.

5 – Black Badge style

This decoration is not new as Rolls-Royce recently introduced the Black Badge Ghost edition and now RR is offering a style of Phantom that closely resembles the definition of the Black Badge name.

This style includes a dark chrome grille surround, black hood and dark paint around the windshield that are new to the 2023 Phantom II Series.

6 – Furniture

Inside, the RR Phantom Series II 2023 still retains the luxury it had from 5 years ago with materials from leather, wood and the best. The only change in the car is that the steering wheel is now thicker to create more connection with the driver.

7 – Connect Rolls-Royce

A new smart connection system called Whispers is equipped on the RR Phantom Series II. With this application, the car owner can continuously send the address to the driver and Whispers also allows the owner to track the vehicle’s location, security status, mechanical status and automatically schedule maintenance. nourish when needed

8 – Phantom Platino

RR is always famous for its high level of personalization when a car model can never be “matched” when it comes to decoration ideas from the owners themselves. To further personalize the Phanton II Series with a wide range of customer ages and styles, the RR Phantom Series II has a Phantom Platino designed as a blank sheet of paper that allows customers to customize their products. High level individual adjustment.

9 – Details create luxury

The front seats of the Phantom Platino are decorated with fine leather while the rear seats are covered with fabric and of course not ordinary fabric but using 2 different types created in Italy with exceptional durability and luxury. special.

There’s also a Bespoke clock covered in luxurious fabric around the dashboard and made from eye-catching 3D printed ceramic.

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