Maserati MC20 Convertible is about to launch a ‘cheap’ convertible supercar, is the Tay Ninh giant ready?

The convertible version of the Italian supercar model – Maserati MC20 Convertible – is expected to launch on May 25, with an after-tax price in Vietnam of nearly 20 billion VND.

Maserati announced on May 11 that its customers will be offered a new way to “admire the sky” on Wednesday, May 25. Although the company did not reveal the truth behind what it will be nothing, but this is most likely the previously announced convertible version of the supercar from the trident brand: MC20 Convertible.


In Maserati’s Instagram post, the Italian automaker posted three different photos of the sky, looking straight up like the view from the seat of a convertible. A long time ago, the company also took inspiration from the sky in the advertising campaign for their upcoming MC20 convertible.


Maserati has shared official images of the supercar model MC20 Convertible in December 2021. Despite being covered in camouflage with a design resembling a blue sky speckled with clouds, the brand was unable to hide the changes made to the hood structure and did not angle shot from the rear of the car.


The Italian automaker also confirmed that the car’s body is still made of carbon fiber, helping to not increase vehicle volume too much when using the new roof structure.


Similar to the coupe version, Maserati MC20 Convertible Also equipped with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine, producing a maximum capacity of 621 horsepower and maximum torque of 730 Nm, helping the car accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2 minutes. 9 seconds and maximum speed up to 325 km/h.

maserati-mc20-convertible-sap-ra-mat-cafeautovn-5 maserati-mc20-convertible-sap-ra-mat-cafeautovn-6

In addition to the above information, Maserati has announced that in addition to the convertible variant, it will launch an all-electric version of the MC20 that the company says will be much more powerful than the internal combustion engine version.

maserati-mc20-convertible-sap-ra-mat-cafeautovn-7 maserati-mc20-convertible-sap-ra-mat-cafeautovn-8

In Vietnam, up to now there have been two Maserati MC20 Coupe version returns home. The first yellow one is owned by tycoon Tay Ninh, and has been upgraded to an 18K and 24K gold plating package worth more than 2 billion VND. The second white car still has no owner. The after-tax selling price of privately imported MC20 is about 20-22 billion VND, while the genuine one is only 16.5 billion VND.

maserati-mc20-convertible-sap-ra-mat-cafeautovn-9 maserati-mc20-convertible-sap-ra-mat-cafeautovn-10

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