Honda CB400X 2022 launched, standard model only for backpackers, priced about 200 million in Vietnam

Just launched in the Japanese market, the Honda CB400X has a standard exterior for backpackers, updated with many new features that prioritize stable control.

In terms of exterior design, the Honda CB400X 2022 is an ‘average’ model that is not too bulky like 1000cc models but is more muscular and compact than 300cc models.


The saddle is low and the handlebars are high towards the back, giving the driver the most comfortable sitting position, suitable for long journeys.

Technology on the car has been upgraded by Honda towards driver comfort. Upside Down SFF-BP front forks provide optimal support for the steering wheel to increase stability on uneven roads. The rear suspension system can be adjusted according to user needs.


The brakes remain the same as the 2021 version but are upgraded to the ABS system. Double disc brakes at the front for a model of only 400cc should be able to control the bike better.


Honda CB400X 2022 is equipped with a TFT information display screen capable of connecting to smartphones. The entire temple system uses LED technology. In addition, the car has an expansion option with an expanded trunk system for those who want to travel more.


Providing power for the car is a 399cc DOHC engine block with an output of 46 horsepower at 9000 rpm and 38Nm of torque at 7500 rpm. The engine of CB400X 2022 is not as strong as its 1000 cc predecessors, but it is easier to control, allowing you to comfortably go on difficult roads and still have enough power to push the accelerator quickly.



Currently, Honda CB400X 2022 is distributed in Japan and some Southeast Asian countries with a price of about 190 million Vietnamese Dong. This car model may be imported to Vietnam in the near future, the price difference could be up to 200 million. This will be an option for new drivers who are passionate about backpacking and need stability and durability.



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