Vision and other Honda scooter lines are about to be restocked, and vehicle prices may cool down

Honda plans to gradually increase the output of scooters to the Vietnamese market from July to meet current customer needs, opening up opportunities to reduce prices for models such as Honda Vision, SH, Lead…

The global shortage of semiconductor chip supply has had a certain impact on the Vietnamese market, causing the motorbike market to be in short supply and the actual selling price at dealers to vary by tens of millions of dong, especially especially Honda Vision.

Currently, this situation is gradually improving for Honda Vietnam (HVN) when the company recently announced: “With the recent lifting of the Covid – 19 blockade in Shanghai (China), we expect to increase The quantity supplied to the market has gradually increased since July, with some scooter models in short supply recently to meet customer needs, such as the Vision…”


With this information, the Honda scooter market will gradually stabilize assembly output from this July, especially the Vision model mentioned by name. When customer demand for Vision is always higher than other car models, there was a time when the difference was nearly 20 million VND at the dealership.

Honda Vietnam said: “Honda’s scooter production activities were interrupted because of a disruption in the global supply chain. However, we recently restored the production line and will soon supply supplying vehicles to the market”.

Thus, scooter production has resumed, so from mid-July onwards Honda will provide more vehicles to dealers to help stabilize the motorbike market in Vietnam.


Although the supply of scooters has improved, sales of these models will probably cool down compared to before. But it is not likely that the car price will decrease to the company’s proposed selling price.

Previously, Honda Vietnam explained that it did not have the right to set the selling price but could only give a suggested price because according to competition law, Honda and HEAD are two independent legal entities.


Even though it cannot intervene in the selling price of dealers according to the proposed price, from a market perspective, Honda always tries to ensure the balance of supply and demand by boosting production to bring prices down to low levels. closest to the suggested price.

Therefore, although production output is gradually improving, the selling price of Honda scooters such as Vision, SH, Lead… is unlikely to decrease to the proposed price, due to the fact that Honda motorbikes have always been Retail agents are always based on “market price”.

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