Used motorbike prices increased sharply because new ones were in short supply

Honda’s used cars are more expensive than the listed price of new, upgraded cars, demonstrating the paradox in the Vietnamese market.

The lack of components causes many famous vehicle manufacturers in the world to continuously cut production. Due to uncertain supply, even out of stock today, many used motorbike models under the Honda brand are priced higher than the suggested price.

According to records at a used motorbike store in Linh Dam urban area, Hanoi, the selling price of a Honda Airblade 150 2021 that has traveled 4,496 km is 61.5 million VND. While the suggested price for the most advanced 2022 version of this car model is 57.19 million VND.

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The price of used Japanese scooters is currently increasing “sky high”. The amount buyers have to pay to own a Vision Ca Tinh version that has rolled 3,133 km at the above store is 48.5 million VND, nearly 20 million VND higher than the suggested retail price of a new car.

This phenomenon also occurs in the more expensive segment. To explain the above problem, an employee at a used car store said: “Because currently genuine dealers do not have a stable source of goods and cannot deliver cars to customers early, so buyers often look for products that are Used available. Besides, even though it is higher than the suggested price, the value of used cars cannot be ‘marginal’ compared to the actual retail price at HEAD stores today, so used cars can still be attractive enough to customers. ”.

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The current situation of overpriced channel sales by HEAD Honda dealers has not only affected the new car market but also “spread” to the value of old products. And buyers are the most disadvantaged part in this story when they have to spend many times more money than the manufacturer’s expected price.

For reasons of “sold out”, Honda dealers continuously increased the retail price of the car without anyone being able to intervene. According to the explanation of a representative of Honda Vietnam, with a market share higher than the level required by competition law, the manufacturer can only offer a suggested price and HEAD retail stores will decide the selling price of the product themselves. me. In addition, the Japanese joint venture manufacturer and the agents are two independent parties, each with full authority to come up with different business strategies.

Buying a car at a price much more expensive than the company’s expected price really causes difficulties for buyers because they have to pay more than the actual value of the car. Therefore, at the present time, if it is not really necessary, customers should be cautious with their decision to buy some scooter models.

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We should also consider some other cheaper options, the actual retail price is not much different from the suggested price. The motorbike market in Vietnam today has many competitive products in terms of quality, so consumers do not necessarily focus on using only a few models to save a significant amount of money.

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