Too popular, Land Cruiser 300 and Lexus LX temporarily stopped accepting orders

Toyota and Lexus have just announced to stop accepting orders for the Land Cruiser 300 and LX 2022 models due to “demand exceeding supply”.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a worldwide hit, and that’s just one reason why many people are disappointed that the SUV is absent from the US market. Of course, Lexus LX is just a high-end version of large SUV from Toyota. However, orders have been stopped in Japan and most likely, the US will be the next market. Currently, representatives of the two companies in the US have not made any new announcements and orders are still being accepted.

lx-600-land-cruiser-300-dung-dat-hang-cafeautovn-1 lx-600-land-cruiser-300-dung-dat-hang-cafeautovn-2

Both Toyota and Lexus have issued statements on their Japanese websites informing customers that demand has exceeded supply and orders are no longer being accepted. “The LX has been very well received not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world, and we are currently pausing orders as we have received ordering beyond our production capacity.”

lx-600-land-cruiser-300-dung-dat-hang-cafeautovn-3 lx-600-land-cruiser-300-dung-dat-hang-cafeautovn-4

That announcement makes it sound like the global market could be affected even though Lexus USA’s website doesn’t have any similar announcements. A representative of the Carscoops news site reached out to Lexus to receive notice of whether or not the stop accepting orders includes the US market. “U.S. orders for the LX are still being accepted and vehicles will be shipped to dealers as soon as they arrive,” a Lexus spokesperson said.


The first deliveries have taken place and not only the Lexus LX, even the Toyota Land Cruiser will continue to sell well throughout the rest of the year. Lexus LX 600 2022 Starting price is 86,900 USD (~ 2 billion VND) with a 3.5L twin-turbo V6 engine producing 409 horsepower and 649 Nm of torque. Land Cruiser 300 Priced from 85,665 USD (~ 1.97 billion VND), using a new twin-turbo V6 engine similar to the LX 600.

lx-600-land-cruiser-300-dung-dat-hang-cafeautovn-6 lx-600-land-cruiser-300-dung-dat-hang-cafeautovn-7

In the Vietnamese market, Toyota Land Cruiser 300 and Lexus LX 600 are two popular car models of many Vietnamese tycoons, however the number of cars available for delivery is very small or even no cars like the LX model. 600. The two car models are still imported through both genuine and private units.

lx-600-land-cruiser-300-dung-dat-hang-cafeautovn-8 lx-600-land-cruiser-300-dung-dat-hang-cafeautovn-9

Genuine selling price of Lexus LX 600 starts from 8.1 billion VND, while Toyota Land Cruiser 300 starts from 4.06 billion VND. However, Toyota’s SUV model was “overpriced” by more than 5 billion VND to get the chance to receive the car early. As for Lexus’ luxury SUV line, customers will have to wait a long time to get a car or spend about 11-12 billion VND for the Ultra Luxury version when imported privately.

lx-600-land-cruiser-300-dung-dat-hang-cafeautovn-10 lx-600-land-cruiser-300-dung-dat-hang-cafeautovn-11

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