The VinFast factory in the US will be built with foreign capital, expected to be about 4 billion USD

VinFast has signed an international capital arrangement agreement with Credit Suisse and Citigroup, raising at least 4 billion USD for operations in the US.

Specifically, VinFast Trading and Investment Pte. Ltd (a subsidiary of Vingroup headquartered in Singapore) has signed a framework agreement, appointing Credit Suisse (Singapore) Ltd. is the arranger for securities issuances and offerings of VinFast or its subsidiaries globally with a minimum scale of 2 billion USD, and at the same time, appoints Citigroup Global Markets Inc (USA) as a consultant for the process. program to mobilize an additional minimum of 2 billion USD to build VinFast’s factory in North Carolina (USA).

According to the plan, the VinFast factory built in the US will be located in the Triangle Innovation Point industrial park, Chatham County with an area of ​​about 800 hectares, including 3 main areas: the production and assembly area for electric cars and electric buses. , battery manufacturing area for electric vehicle products and supporting industry area for suppliers.


According to the roadmap, phase 1 of the factory has an expected capacity of 150,000 vehicles/year with the first models produced being VF 9 – a large 7-seat SUV and VF 8 – a mid-sized SUV of 5. place. Vice Chairman of Vingroup and General Director of VinFast – said: “The participation of the world’s leading financial institutions in accompanying VinFast proves the company’s reputation, and also shows the trust of partners with serious investment plans in the international market in general. and America in particular, especially the construction of a factory in North Carolina. This is to ensure global production autonomy and create jobs for local workers.”.

Credit Suisse Bank, headquartered in Switzerland, is one of the leading prestigious investment banks with strengths in the fields of asset management and investment banking services. Citigroup is a leading bank in the field of strategic consulting and capital mobilization, providing services to corporations, large financial institutions and governments globally, present in 95 countries.

Through cooperation with Credit Suisse and Citigroup in arranging capital, as well as a series of systematic cooperation strategies with other international partners on electric vehicle development, VinFast is expected to soon have a breakthrough in its open strategy. wide international market. From there, bringing quality products and excellent customer experiences, contributing to creating a green and sustainable future.

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