The brand-name electric motorbike Norton Commando 961 is about to be released, using all the best products!

Iconic British motorcycle brand Norton is preparing to launch the Norton Commando 961 electric vehicle for Rs 20 lakh (nearly 600 million VND), equipped with a 961cc engine to attract car enthusiasts.

British electric vehicle manufacturer Norton has revealed that the iconic Commando 961 will soon be available on the market.

Commando has been a mainstay in Norton’s product line since its introduction in 1967. Regardless of time, the Commando moniker will always be associated with the Norton brand.

Norton Commando 961-CafeAuto-2

Commando 961 has an air-cooled, 80 horsepower, 88Nm, 961cc, two-valve head, parallel-twin engine.

Combined with a 5-speed gearbox, the engine does not have the most modern components, and it will be interesting to see how much the motorcycle has changed by the time it goes on sale.

The latest Commando is a redesigned electric take on the V4SV Norton, featuring a classic silver paintwork with black and red trim.

The twin exhaust pipes along with the gold forks and shock absorbers indicate that the Ohlins suspension will remain the same and the rear wheel uses a Brembo brake caliper.

Norton Commando 961-CafeAuto-3

There are two versions available when the Commando 961 goes on sale: Sport and Cafe Racer. The Sport has correct-directional forks and axial brake calipers. While the Cafe Racer has USD forks and radial clamps.

Common to both are dual shock absorbers at the rear with a reservoir.

Norton Commando 961-CafeAuto-4

Before the Norton Commando 961 appeared, this model was first introduced in 1967 and used a 745cc engine. In 1973, when Norton launched 850 new Commandos with 828cc engines. With the appearance of the larger Commando, the smaller version was discontinued shortly after.

Only 850 units were sold until 1977, when Norton began to experience financial difficulties combined with stiff competition from Japanese manufacturers.

In 2010, Norton Commando continued to be produced relatively unchanged until Norton encountered financial problems again in recent years.

Norton Commando 961-CafeAuto-5

In India, the manufacturer introduced brands such as MV Agusta, FB Mondial, and SWM, but they soon ended.

Because most electric cars are too expensive, because they are complete cars. Another reason is that due to poor management, only a small number of Norton Commandos are sold.

At that time, Commando cost up to 20 lakh Rs (equivalent to nearly 600 million VND). Thus, in the future, Norton can offer a similar price for this car line.

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