The BMW i3 electric car was once announced to be tested as a taxi in Vietnam, producing the last 10 units

BMW released the last 10 i3 series cars before stopping production and these 10 BMW i3 models are in the Home Run Edition version.

All 10 of these BMW i3s have been pre-ordered by their owners and these owners will have the privilege of watching the assembly process of their i3 Home Run Edition live at the BMW factory in Leipzig, Germany.

Special features of the BMW i3 Home Run Edition include special paint colors in BMW’s personalization program as well as other unique interior accessories.

The two paint colors applied to the BMW i3 models this time are Frozen Dark Gray or Frozen Red. Outside, the Double Spoke wheels are also separate, the sunroof is electrically adjustable and controlled by solar energy.

The interior will be fitted with Vernasca Dark Truffle seats, a leather-wrapped dashboard and other details, a Carum gray roof and an ambient lighting system.

The car also has additional amenities including heated seats, parking distance control, BMW navigation system, Harman Kardon Hi-Fi sound system.

The i3 model is BMW’s first mass-produced electric car model and about 250,000 units have been produced since its introduction in 2013 and the company claims that this is the most successful electric car model in the high-end segment. grant.

There was only one BMW i3 in Vietnam and was brought into the country in 2015 under the order of the owner of a passenger transport business at that time with the stated purpose of testing the purpose. The goal is to convert gasoline-powered taxi models to electric-powered BMW i3 cars.

The only BMW i3 in Vietnam.

On regular BMW i3 versions, the car can run from 130-160 km after each charge and if in economy mode can reach 200km with a 130kW electric motor. The car also has an expansion option including a 647cc 2-cylinder gasoline engine, 25kW capacity, which will operate when the car is low on battery. This gasoline engine can also act as a generator, helping to increase the vehicle’s travel distance to about 260 to 290 km after each charge.

The BMW i3 stopped production when the German automaker wanted to focus on battery application and developing plug-in hybrid and electric technology on other car models. So far the company has introduced the i4 and iX models.

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