Nearly 150,000 Honda motorbikes sold in June 2022, still lower than the same period last year

Due to the lack of assembly components, Honda Vietnam’s two-wheeled vehicle sales decreased slightly compared to the same period last year at 1.4%.

Honda Vietnam (HVN) has just announced its motorcycle sales results in June, with 147,693 vehicles sold. This number is down 5% over the previous month and 1.4% over the same period last year. This result is not too surprising given the shortage of components and price increases at sales agents.


In addition, Honda’s CBU export output in June also decreased to 15,868 vehicles compared to the previous month’s 17,237 vehicles. According to the company’s announcement, the Honda Wave is the car model with the highest sales with 46,551 cars sold, accounting for 31.5%. The car model with the strongest increase in price at dealers is the Honda Vision, whose specific sales are not announced. Honda Winner


Not only Honda Vision, other Honda scooter models are also in short supply due to a shortage of semiconductor chip supply, causing the company’s total scooter sales to drop more than half compared to the same period last year.


Motorcycle business segment

Sales by month

Cumulative fiscal year 2023 sales


Sales (vehicle)

Compared with the previous month (%)

Compared with the same period last year (%)

Sales (vehicle)

Compared with the same period last year (%)

Total export output (CBU vehicles)

June 2022







Fiscal year 2023: from April 2022 to March 2023

Also in the press release, Honda Vietnam also said that thanks to the recent lifting of Shanghai’s Covid-19 blockade, HVN is expected to be able to begin supplying the market with a number of scooter models from May. 7 and hope to be able to meet market demand in the next few months.

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