MPV multi-purpose vehicle sales in June 2022: Suzuki XL7 suddenly took the top spot

In June, the auto market had many strong fluctuations in a negative direction, when most car models had decreased sales and the MPV segment was no exception.

After the 50% registration tax incentive ended, the lack of components for vehicle production and assembly had a big impact on car manufacturers’ sales. According to Vama’s statistics, the MPV multi-purpose vehicle segment had negative growth compared to the same period last month.

Suzuki XL7 suddenly ranked first in the segment

Compared to May 2022, Suzuki XL7 sales decreased slightly in June when only 752 cars were sold on the market. This is also the car model with the least negative growth in the segment, thanks to which this is the rare time the Suzuki XL7 is at the top of the segment.

Suzuki XL7 is currently priced at 599 to 639 million VND and has 3 versions sold, but in fact users can buy it at a lower price depending on the dealer policy. Even though it is an imported car, the company still has its own incentives of equivalent value to maintain consumption against other competitors.

Kia Carnival maintains 2nd place

Although other car models have fluctuations in ranking positions, Kia Carnival still maintains the 2nd position in the segment. In June, there were 665 cars sold on the market, significantly lower than in May when 1,285 cars were delivered.

Even though it is assembled domestically, Kia Carnival’s supply of components is limited, so many buyers have to wait for 1 to 2 months to receive their car. Not only Kia Carnival but many other car manufacturers also encounter the same situation.

Mitsubishi Xpander sales decreased, losing the segment king position

According to data from Vama, segment king Mitsubishi Xpander only has 584 cars sold on the market, nearly 4 times lower than May 2022 when there were 1,979 cars delivered. This is not a surprise because it is predicted that the supply of components as well as the launch of the new version has had a big impact on this MPV model.

Currently, to evaluate the appeal of Xpander, we must wait for the sales numbers of the following months. Mitsubishi has also just made new upgrades for this model with prices ranging from 555 million VND for the standard version to 688 million VND for the most advanced Cross version.

Suzuki Ertiga sales decreased

Compared to the Suzuki XL7, the Ertiga is somewhat weaker in terms of sales. In June, there were 66 cars sold on the market, slightly lower than May 2022. This seems to be the common ground when the auto market tends to decline.

Compared to other competitors, Suzuki Ertiga is considered quite good as it has a more attractive price than other competitors, performance and equipment are somewhat equivalent. However, the media effect is not big enough, making the sales of this MPV model not really outstanding.

Toyota Innova sales plummeted

It seemed like it was revived when there were 506 cars sold in May, but in June, Toyota Innova was somewhat miserable when there were only 33 cars sold even though it was given a warranty extension package until the end of this year and many other incentives. Other support from manufacturers and agents.

Kia Rondo continues to have no sales

Contrary to the Kia Carnival, the small MPV model Kia Rondo continues to have no sales, and is expected to soon stop distributing in the Vietnamese market. Some unconfirmed sources say that in the near future, Kia may bring back the new generation MPV Carens to replace the Kia Rondo to join the currently vibrant small 7-seater high-clearance car segment.

Toyota Veloz Cross and Avanza Premio have cumulative sales of more than a thousand vehicles

It is difficult to know the sales of each car after Toyota decided to combine the sales of both Veloz Cross and Avanza Premio, accordingly in June there were a total of 1,317 cars sold on the market, lower than May 2022 when there were More than 1,800 vehicles were delivered. However, some unconfirmed information suggests that this is the number of orders that have been deposited in advance and delivered this month or delivered cars to those who accept to buy additional accessory packages if they want to receive them early.

Even though sales are combined, the “buying with accessories” factor has caused many people to turn away and switch to other car models with reasonable prices and earlier availability. Currently, the selling price of Toyota Veloz Cross is from 648 to 688 million VND and Avanza Premio is 548 to 588 million VND.

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