Lexus ES 2023 launched, mainly upgrading technology: adding a new F Sport Design version

Launched in 2018, but after 4 years, the current generation of Lexus ES has just had an upgrade and mainly focuses on technology.

The new infotainment system is one of the above new upgrades Lexus ES 2023. The system is said to be more responsive and have a more intuitive interface, while also providing access to more functions, including cloud-based navigation, providing traffic and road information sa in real time.

In addition, this system also provides users with a lot of other information such as fuel prices and parking on the route they want to travel.

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If the car loses internet connection, the navigation system can still work. However, this feature is only available for high-end versions of the Lexus ES 2023. The voice command feature has also been improved for the 2023 model. The central entertainment screen can connect to Apple CarPlay wirelessly and wired Android Auto. Enabling the vehicle to communicate with mobile networks and the web worldwide is an upgraded data communication module (DCM).

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According to Toyota’s luxury car brand, it allows connection to e-Care – a diagnostic service that collects vehicle health inspection reports, then shares the data with Lexus, which in turn can transfer it goes to their dealerships if there are any problems with the ES. At the same time, local dealers can contact vehicle owners to schedule maintenance at their preferred time.

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DCM allows the driver to remotely find the vehicle through its own app and use certain functions, such as locking or unlocking the doors, turning on/off hazard lights, and heating or cooling the cabin before starting. (turn on the air conditioner).

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Other changes above Lexus ES 2023 including a new Rich Cream color interior replacing Ammonite Sand. In addition, the European market will have a new F Sport Design variant. The ES 2023 F Sport is equipped with 19-inch black wheels, comes with an F Sport Design badge and 10 exterior paint color options and 4 interior color tone options.

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Starting production in August, the first 2023 Lexus ESs are expected to arrive at European dealerships in October this year. The official selling price has not yet been announced. In Vietnam, Lexus ES 2022 is sold with three versions: ES 250, ES 250 F Sport and ES 300H with prices ranging from 2.59-3.1 billion VND.

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