Inauguration of the first VinFast charging station at PVOIL petrol station

VinFast and PVOIL leaders officially cut the ribbon to inaugurate the first electric vehicle charging station at PVOIL gas station on the morning of July 4, 2022 at PVOIL Cat Hai store, Hai Phong.

This is also the first charging station, opening the chain of nearly 300 VinFast electric vehicle charging stations installed at PVOIL gas stations nationwide in 2022. The station has a scale of 1 150 kW fast charging station and 5 charging stations. Fast 60 kW according to CCS 2 standard, capable of charging up to 12 vehicles at the same time.


VinFast charging station at PVOIL also meets European standards ISO-15118 and IEC 61851, ensuring maximum safety in terms of power source and fire and explosion prevention, electric leakage protection, and waterproofing. After installing 300 charging stations at PVOIL petrol stations nationwide in 2022, VinFast and PVOIL will also continue to look for suitable locations to expand the number of charging stations to meet development needs. of both sides.

The cooperation between the two businesses is based on the need to develop a system of stations providing battery charging services for VinFast electric vehicles, in accordance with PVOIL’s energy transition adaptation strategy, making PVOIL a supplier Providing diverse energy for vehicles – not only gasoline but also electric and hydrogen energy in the future.


General Director of VinFast Trading Vietnam said: “With the customer-centric philosophy, VinFast believes that high quality products must always come with comprehensive services. VinFast and PVOIL will research and cooperate to exploit and promote the common advantages of both parties, to bring more benefits to customers. This is also the premise for VinFast to create a comprehensive electric vehicle support ecosystem, providing an increasingly flexible, convenient and accessible charging experience for all customers.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors of PVOIL also shared: “Electric vehicles are a general trend that is growing strongly in the world, leading to a wave of investment in charging station infrastructure that is also taking place very excitingly in major countries.” around the globe. As the leading petroleum trading enterprise in Vietnam, the cooperation with VinFast is the first step in implementing a strategy for PVOIL to adapt to the inevitable energy transition trend taking place today; Together with VinFast, we pioneer in providing modern, safe infrastructure, ready to meet customers’ diverse needs for energy for current and future means of transportation.”

Cooperating with PVOIL to develop a charging station system at petrol stations nationwide is part of VinFast’s roadmap towards the goal of installing 150,000 charging ports covering 63 provinces and cities nationwide in 2022.

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