Honda Vision car prices stagnated after increasing by more than 20 million VND

In June, Honda Vision recorded a record price increase when the price was pushed from 13 million VND to more than 20 million VND at the proposed price, many versions of this model had a rolling price reaching the threshold of 60 million VND. By early July, Vision’s price had leveled off, no longer increasing strongly but still at a high level

Vision is a popular scooter model in Honda’s low-cost segment. Previously, Vision’s price was always recorded at a level lower than the suggested price and had no tendency to increase, but the recent strong price increases by dealers have almost created a slight shock for Honda users, especially those who are Who intends to buy Honda Vision.


Only in the second half of June, Vision versions recorded an increase of more than 20 million VND. The version with the highest price is the Personality version for 53.5 million VND. The remaining versions are equally high at 46.5 million VND for the Premium version, 47.5 million VND for the Special version and the lowest is 43.5 million VND for the Standard version.

Although there are many utility upgrades in the new 2022 version, this is still a really high price for a popular scooter model like Vision.


In early July, with the latest price updates, Honda Vision’s price did not maintain the same rapid increase as in June but continued to increase slightly by up to 1 million VND compared to mid-June.

Specifically, the Personality version still has the highest price of 54 million VND for the Black-Red color scheme and 54.2 million VND for the Blue-Black color scheme.


The Special Edition is priced up to 500,000 VND for 48 million VND.

The remaining 2 versions, the Premium version and the Standard version, both increased by 1 million VND. The current price is 47.3 million VND for the Premium version and 44.5 million VND for the Standard version.


(Reference price at some dealers in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Prices may change and differ according to each distributor)

The price mentioned above only includes VAT, does not include registration tax or license plate fees. To be able to go to the beach and roll a Honda Vision in Hanoi at present, users may still have to spend more than 60 million VND.


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