Ducati price list July 2022: good prices with many new models

Many large displacement vehicle models distributed by Ducati in the Vietnamese market are showing a slight price decrease, ranging from 1-2 million VND compared to the listed price.

In July, almost all models that will be officially distributed by Ducati Vietnam will have a slight price reduction. The highest decrease recorded was 2 million VND for the Scrambler line.


Specifically, the two versions of Scrambler 1100, Sport and Special, have a reduction of 2 million VND with suggested prices of 522 million VND and 498 million VND respectively. The remaining versions include Sixty2, Icon, Fullthrottle, 800, Cafe Racer, Desret Sled, all reduced by 1 million VND compared to the suggested price. Prices range from 297 million VND to 428 million VND.


Monster car models including the 821 and 797 new versions all have reduced prices from 500,000 VND.

Monster 821 has 2 versions: RED and Steath, priced at 424.5 million VND and 454.5 million VND respectively.

The 2 versions of Monster 797 are the standard version and the Plus version priced at 334 million VND and 347.5 million VND.


Streetfighter V4 and V4 S keep their prices quite well with prices of 650 million VND and 790 million VND respectively. In addition, the Streetfighter line is about to have a ‘new member’, Streetfighter V2 priced at 612 million VND.


Hypermotard 950 and 950 RVE are reduced by 1 million VND compared to the proposed price, the current prices of these two models are 459 million VND and 473 million VND.

Panigale has 3 car models with the lowest price: Panigale V2 priced at 613 million VND (down 2 million VND compared to the proposed price), Panigale V4 S priced at 992 million VND and Panigale V4 Corse priced at 1.1 billion VND.


In addition to the car models with price changes mentioned above, the three car models Multistrada, Diavel and SuperSport all maintain the same suggested prices ranging from 488 million VND to 927 million VND.


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