Car manufacturers warn that selling prices may continue to increase in the near future, and customers in need should pay early

Some car manufacturers in Thailand and Indonesia have announced that they will adjust their selling prices in the near future due to the pressure of increasing production costs and will likely also affect the domestic market.

Nissan Thailand announced that it will simultaneously increase prices for all versions and apply from August.

Specifically, Nissan Thailand has announced that it will apply a new price level for the Almera model starting from August with an overall increase on all versions of 6,000 Baht, equivalent to 4 million VND.

With this move, it is likely that the Nissan Almera model in Vietnam will also face a new price increase as the Almera is currently imported entirely from Thailand to Vietnam after the domestic market eliminated the model. Sunny.

In Thailand, Almera versions are similar to Vietnam with a total of 5 versions including: 1.0 Turbo E CVT, 1.0 Turbo EL CVT, 1.0 Turbo V CVT, 1.0 Turbo VL CVT, 1.0 Turbo VL SPORTTECH CVT and even These 5 versions all increase in price equally.

Meanwhile, Toyota’s representative in Indonesia is “complaining” about the difficulties encountered at an event on June 30 and there will be an adjustment in product prices in the near future. Accordingly, Toyota is facing a situation of overproduction costs due to rising inflation, the war between Ukraine and Russia still shows no signs of easing, causing metal products to increase, and ultimately, the value of metal products will depreciate. of local currencies against the US dollar when the US Central Bank raised interest rates for the third time this year in mid-June.

Toyota said that there will certainly be additional price increases for its product lines, but the company will try to limit price increases in popular segment vehicles. Accordingly, car models with good sales will have the lowest restrictions.

Products from Toyota and other car manufacturers may continue to increase in the coming time.

Toyota’s marketing director in Indonesia did not forget to advise consumers to quickly buy cars because the possibility of price increases in the next months is still there. “We think this is still a good opportunity to buy a car because in the near future prices are likely to increase, possibly in the following months.”

Toyota’s sales representative said that most car companies will have to increase selling prices, not just this company when the difficulties are common to the entire auto industry.

In fact, the Vietnamese market has also begun to see price increases for both motorbikes and cars since last May. Motorcycles have increased in price by several million per unit, while cars have increased in price from 5-10 million, which is common in popular car models.

In addition to the increase in car prices, domestic customers are also facing difficulties when the supply of cars is limited, leading to having to wait a long time to receive goods.

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