After VinFast VF 8, the VF 9 electric car is gradually revealed more clearly, the car can be delivered at the end of this year.

The large SUV VinFast VF 9 is starting to appear more and more in the Vietnamese market and according to some information, the car is in the final stages of completion before going on sale.

After the full images of the VF 8 model appeared widely, it was the turn of the VinFast VF 9 electric car model to be seen more often before being sold commercially at the end of 2022. Previously, the large crazy car model This product was found at the factory but is now seen on the streets of Hai Phong.


In this encounter, VinFast VF 9 has a glossy black exterior, with somewhat fuller wheels than expected as the most advanced version of this electric car model. According to the manufacturer, VinFast VF 9 has overall dimensions of length, width and height of 5,118 x 2,540 x 1,696 mm, with a wheelbase of 3,150 mm.


Although positioned in the SUV group, with a ground clearance of 197 mm and 189 mm corresponding to the Eco and Plus versions, the overall VinFast VF 9 looks more like an MPV model than a high-clearance car. The overall vehicle also has VinFast’s unique features such as LED daytime positioning lights and V-shaped taillights. The VinFast logo is also attached to the C-pillar to create a highlight, notably the door handle is recessed. The body of the car creates a seamless feeling.


According to manufacturer information, VinFast VF 9 will have the option of 7-seat or 6-seat interior space. The Eco version can choose brown or black interior, the Plus version has 4 colors including brown, black, beige or dark blue. VinFast VF 9 also has amenities such as a 3-spoke steering wheel with integrated function keys, 15.6-inch central screen, interior ambient lighting, and push-button gearshift. Both VinFast VF 8 and VF 9 use a HUD screen instead of a speedometer.


Similar to VinFast VF 8, VF 9 is equipped with a 2-motor electric motor with a capacity of 402 horsepower, 640 Nm, 4-wheel drive allowing the car to accelerate from 0 – 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds. According to the manufacturer, VinFast VF 9 has a range of 485 km and 680 km respectively for the Eco or Plus versions.

Regarding battery subscription, VinFast VF 9 has 2 options including flexible with a limit of 500 km/month priced at 1.1 million VND/month and 2,200 VND/km if excess kilometers arise and a fixed package priced at 3,091 million VND/km. unlimited kilometers per month. This subscription price will be fixed for those who buy a car in 2022 and 2023.

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