Yamaha Vietnam’s newly launched Jupiter Finn 2022 consumes more fuel than the Thai version

After the Jupiter Finn 2022 was launched by Yamaha Vietnam on July 17, according to available parameters, the Jupiter Finn 2022 engine consumes significantly more fuel than the Thai version.

Jupiter Finn 2022 is called Yamaha Finn 115i in Thailand, using the same 2-valve SOHC engine, 115 cc capacity with the version in our country when both have a maximum capacity of 8.8 HP. at 7,000 rpm.

However, Yamaha Thailand’s Finn 115i attracts attention because of its extremely modest fuel consumption, consuming only 1.03 liters/100 km, according to the manufacturer’s announcement.

For Jupiter Finn 2022, Yamaha Vietnam announced a fuel consumption of 1.64 liters/100km, so with 1 liter of gasoline Jupiter Finn 2022 can travel a distance of nearly 60.97km. In comparison, fuel consumption is significantly higher when placed next to the figure of 96.16km/liter of gasoline of the Thai version of Finn 115i.

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Jupiter Finn 2022 is becoming the focus of the online community, as the car has very low fuel consumption compared to other car models, while the gasoline price situation is being affected by the world market, causing gasoline prices to increase. dizziness and instability. But if you look at it objectively, there are many factors that affect the fuel consumption of Jupiter Finn 2022.

Jupiter Finn 2022 is a car model assembled and manufactured in Vietnam with a high proportion of domestically produced assembly components. In fact, our country’s factory quality standards have not been comparable to the standards of the Thai market for many years.

Jupiter Finn 2022 is assembled mainly from domestic Vietnamese spare parts sources, so this may be the reason why this model’s engine consumes more fuel than the Thai version.

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Jupiter Finn 2022 is not the first case to have more fuel consumption than the Thai version when using the same engine. Specifically, when comparing the two car models Future 125 (Vietnam) and Wave 125 (Thailand) and received the result that the Vietnamese domestic car model Future 125 consumes more fuel than the Thai Wave 125.

Because according to Honda Thailand’s announcement, the Wave 125i model in the country has a fuel consumption of 71.4 km/liter of gasoline, while the Future 125 Vietnam consumes more fuel when this number stops at 64.9 km. /liter of gasoline is equivalent to 1.54 liters of gasoline/100km.

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Theoretically, Jupiter Finn 2022 has a fuel consumption of 1.64L/100km, measured and confirmed by the Vietnam Register on the energy label. But the fuel consumption figure of Jupiter Finn 2022 can completely change in real conditions, due to the influence of driving habits and the vehicle’s operating environment.

Like the case of the Grande Hybrid scooter model also from Yamaha, although Yamaha Vietnam announced a fuel consumption of 1.69 liters/100km. But when actually operated, the Grande Hybrid can achieve a fuel consumption of 1.44 liters/100km, a much more modest gasoline consumption than the information announced by Yamaha Vietnam and the energy label has face on the car.

Thus, if the Jupiter Finn 2022 is operated in ideal conditions and standard driving style, the fuel consumption of the Jupiter Finn 2022 will change, possibly saving more than the above figure of 1.64L/100km. The energy label that the vehicle has.

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