Yamaha launched the fuel-saving Fazzio model with Hybird technology, priced at 44 million, can it ‘play’ Vision?

Immediately after the news that Yamaha Fazzio was distributed to private individuals, the first shipment of Yamaha Fazzio arrived in Vietnam in Thu Duc City (HCMC) with 2 versions LUX and NEO.

The scooter model is imported from Indonesia with a youthful design that easily attracts the attention of young people. Yamaha Fazzio has overall dimensions of 1,820 x 685 x 1,125 mm (length x width x height), not too different from Honda Lead and Yamaha Grande.

Yamaha Fazzio-Cafeauto-1

The front of the car is equipped with an oval lighting system with LED technology, however the pair of turn signals still use halogen lights. Yamaha Fazzio also has a pre-designed license plate frame on the front (this is a requirement in some Southeast Asian countries).

The front brake system is a disc type combined with a single piston brake caliper, not equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system. Along with that, the car also does not have an on/off switch for the lights, but instead there is a warning light switch.

Yamaha Fazzio-Cafeauto-2

The Fazzio watch face is quite compactly designed in an oval shape, with most of the area devoted to a negative LCD screen displaying information about speed, remaining fuel, etc. Fazzio is also equipped with Yamaha Y-Connect phone connectivity feature.

Yamaha Fazzio-Cafeauto-3

Currently, Fazzio is taking the lead in using smart keys with integrated saddle opening in Vietnam. Right below The smart lock cluster is equipped with a storage compartment, opposite it on the left nest area is also equipped with a closed storage compartment and a pipe-shaped charging port inside.

The footrest is designed quite wide, the car is equipped with additional hangers on the front cover and below the saddle. The saddle part of Yamaha Fazzio Upholstered in smooth leather, the rear seat area is made slightly higher.

Yamaha Fazzio-Cafeauto-4

Car trunk Yamaha Fazzio is somewhat limited when it only stops at volume of 17.8 liters, along with a fuel tank with a capacity of 5.1 liters. The rear light cluster is designed vertically with an oval shape in sync with the front lights as well as the speedometer face.

Yamaha equips the Fazzio with a 124.86 cc Blue Core engine, producing 8.4 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and maximum torque of 10.6 Nm at 4,500 rpm. Along with that, Hybrid technology helps the car save maximum fuel as well as reduce emissions into the environment.

Currently the car is being sold at a price of 44 million VND for both LUX and NEO versions, however the car has not yet been officially distributed.

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