Why is Kia Seltos continuously sold out in Vietnam?

Kia Seltos is currently one of the most popular affordable cars in Vietnam, but until today it is still in a state of prolonged shortage.

Most showrooms in Ho Chi Minh City rarely have Kia Seltos cars left, if only very few cars are on display.

Although it has just been launched not long ago, Seltos has created a sales storm for Kia when it quickly became the second best-selling B-class high-undercarriage car model in the Vietnamese market. Seltos’s advantages lie in its equipment, spacious space and reasonable price for many customers who tend to switch to high chassis models.

Along with Toyota’s Veloz or Honda HR-V, Kia Seltos is an affordable car model for Vietnamese people that is loved by many buyers in the B-class car group.

Do a good job with the formal ‘canvas’ stage

Kia Seltos is classified in the segment aimed at urban residents, with a masculine appearance and also bold cross-country style with a quite muscular design.

Kia Seltos is originally a Korean car, so the “tarpaulin” stitching is quite eye-catching. The design is square and angular, suitable for Vietnamese users’ tastes thanks to its sporty appearance even though the price range is only that of a budget car.

Even though it is based on the Hyundai Kona platform, the Kia Seltos still creates its own character by focusing on a dynamic, sporty design with the signature Tiger Nose grille and two-tone paint options.

The front of the car makes a strong impression with extremely youthful design lines but still has the strong, sturdy character of SUV models. The grille cluster is designed in a typical Kia style with the steering wheel designed with a 3D diamond mesh. Along with that, the chrome-plated border on both the top and bottom of the grille looks very eye-catching.

The lights are designed to connect to the grille cluster and slide to the rear. The two lower versions of Seltos, Deluxe and Luxury, are equipped with lens-shaped halogen headlights, while the Premium version will have LED lights.

The rear of the car continues to show the strength and health in the design of the Kia Seltos. The high humps from the headlights and rear trunk help the car look sturdy and look like an SUV even though it is only a moderately priced CUV.

The cockpit on the Seltos is like many other Kia models, quickly updating with youth trends and technology. The 3-spoke D-Cut steering wheel has a sporty design, flat bottom, and can be adjusted in 4 directions.

On the steering wheel there is a full system of buttons to adjust menu, volume, hands-free calling, cruise control…

In the middle of the dashboard is an 8-inch touch screen entertainment system on the Premium version and a 10.25-inch screen with 6 speakers on the car.

Seltos’ entertainment system possesses full voice command technology, Bluetooth connection, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto…

Looks ‘majestic’ like an SUV

It must also be admitted that spacious usable space and good equipment and features are always popular CUV models in the B-class car segment.

Kia Seltos has overall dimensions of 4,315 x 1,800 x 1,645 mm (length x width x height), wheelbase 2,630 mm. With this size, Seltos belongs to the largest sized car models in the B-class CUV segment, much larger than models such as Mazda CX-3, Hyundai Kona or Ford EcoSport.

The distance between the two rows of seats of the Seltos is very wide, passengers sitting in the second row can sit comfortably even on long roads. The second row of seats also has an armrest in the middle and can be adjusted to recline manually.

The advantages are expected to be continued by the company with future generations. Just a short time after being discovered testing a mid-life upgrade, the KIA Seltos model has officially announced the full image and will be provided to the Korean market first and then other markets. Other markets include Vietnam.

The formality is of course maintained and promoted a little. The two most notable points for the next facelift of the Seltos are slight changes to the exterior and an updated interior with a wide screen on the dashboard with a HUD display.

Specifically, the front of the car has been redone with reworked daytime running lights (DRL), and the grille is taller and larger than the old version. At the rear, there is a light bar extending the entire width of the vehicle connecting two new taillight clusters.

In the version equipped with a 1.4L Turbo engine, the selling price listed by Thaco for the Kia Seltos model ranges from 639 million VND to 759 million VND. The version equipped with the 1.6L Premium engine will be sold at a listed price of 729 million VND (not including license plate).

Seltos is therefore enough to meet user needs when traveling in the city as well as moving on many different terrains.

That’s called Vietnamese people’s taste.

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