Why bother buying Vision when Honda sells a good car like this for only about 56 million VND?

On July 1, 2022, Honda Indonesia launched the eye-catching ADV 160 scooter. As you know, the ADV150 was launched in 2020. Besides new paint colors in many markets, the car has not yet had any upgrades.

With the ADV160, Honda has upgraded both performance and overall design. In addition to changing the car’s name, the body style was also changed. The ADV160 currently has a body design that bears many similarities to the ADV359. This is also a reasonable choice from Honda. Most manufacturers prefer to keep the same line of vehicles using the same design style.

Honda ADV160-CafeAuto-2

Another important point is in the trunk under the seat Satisfied a little biggercExtremely convenient with a scooter used to travel on the streets. Honda ADV160 has also been improved to create comfort and ease of use for the driver.

The vehicle has a slightly lower seat height (from 795mm to 780mm)kAdjustable windshield and handlebars slimmer. XIt also has a front USB charger so you can charge it while on the road. Like most modern Honda motorcycles, the ADV160 is now equipped with a smart key system of the company.

Honda ADV 160-CafeAuto-3

DThe car’s clock has also been improved a bit brighter giup ta Easily read essential parameters under direct sunlight. ADV160 Equipped with Honda torque control system (HSTC) cas well as brand new Showa twin rear shock absorbers.

The suggested price (MSRP) of Honda ADV160 in Indonesia is 36,000,000 Rupiah (about 56 million VND).

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