‘White horse’ Vespa Sprint Justin Bieber’s price was pushed up to 192 million VND in Vietnam

​Vespa Sprint Justin Bieber version has a price difference from Vespa announced from 23 million VND to 60 million VND. Among them, the Vespa Sprint Justin Bieber 150 version has the highest price, from 182 to 192 million VND.

After 4 months of the limited Vespa 946 Christian Dior being launched, Piaggio Vietnam introduced another special edition of the Vespa line, the Sprint Justin Bieber scooter model.

This is a project combining male singer Justin Bieber with the Vespa Sprint car line. According to the manufacturer’s representative, the Sprint Justin Bieber X Vespa is a special edition, so it is only available for a certain period of time.

Like the Vespa 946 Christian Dior model, it is a limited edition so it sold out immediately after going on sale and was collected by traders, pushing the price up 2 to 3 times.


Currently, Justin Bieber’s special Vespa Sprint model is also being caused by dealers to make the price of the car skyrocket in the market.

According to available information, on the first day Piaggio Vietnam handed over the Vespa Sprint Justin Bieber batch, the selling price for those who like to have a car to experience right away is only 4 million VND for the 125cc version and 9 million VND for the 125cc version. 150cc version.


However, after 1 week of launch in Vietnam, the price of Vespa Sprint x Justin Bieber recorded at outside showrooms or dealers has been pushed up to 139 million to 145 million VND for the Vespa Sprint Justin Bieber 125cc version, equivalent to a difference of 23 million VND and 29.2 million VND compared to the manufacturer’s announced car price.

The Vespa Sprint Justin Bieber 150cc recently hit the 192 million VND mark, a difference of up to 60 million VND, and the price is likely to increase even more in the near future.


In Vespa groups, there is no shortage of posts selling Justin Bieber’s Vespa Sprint with prices of 139 million VND for the 125cc version and 189 million VND for the 150cc version.

At the company, there are almost no cars left for sale, so those who intend to buy the Vespa Sprint x Justin Bieber have to look to buy them at outside stores.


The new equipment of Justin Bieber’s Vespa Sprint is a 4.3-inch TFT screen for a more modern, eye-catching look than the standard version.

Another equipment on Justin Bieber’s Vespa Sprint that few people notice is that the vehicle is equipped with a red emergency engine on and off button, and finally the vehicle’s headlights are always on.

The car has a choice of 125 cc engine, 10.5 horsepower and 10.4 Nm of torque; The 150 cc version produces 12.7 horsepower and maximum torque of 12.8 Nm.

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