Vespa goes upstream and reduces prices while Vision and many scooter models increase ‘mixedly’

Vehicles that are always priced ‘differently from the rest’, the fact that some Vespa models have slightly decreased in price while the whole car market tends to increase in price can be considered a ‘strange phenomenon’.

Specifically, some versions of all three popular Vespa models in Vietnam, GTS, Primavra and Sprint, have been lowered below the company’s proposed price.

For the GTS line, the discounted models are two models in the 300cc segment:

Vespa GTS 300 ABS Super Tech is reduced by 400,000 compared to the suggested price of 155 million VND.


Vespa GTS 300 ABS 75th SE is reduced by 500,000 compared to the suggested price of 178.5 million VND.

The remaining 2 GTS versions in the 150cc and 125cc segments have no change in price. Currently GTS 150 ABS i-Get is priced at 116 million VND (600,000 VND higher than the suggested price). GTS 125 ABS i-Get costs 92.6 million VND.


The Primavera car line has 3 discounted models including:

Primavera SE ABS Red Led decreased from 82 million VND to 81.5 million VND

Primavera SE Pinic ABS decreased from 87.5 million VND to 86.5 million VND

Primavera 75th SE ABS decreased from 111 million VND to 110.5 million VND


The remaining versions, the ABS LED and S ABS LED versions, keep their prices at 76 million VND and 78 million VND, respectively.

The Sprint line recorded the strongest price reduction with the Sprint 125 ABS LED model reduced by 1.5 million VND to 77 million VND (400,000 lower than the suggested price).


The remaining 125cc version and the 150cc version do not have much change in price. The Sprint S 125 ABS LED version costs 80 million VND and the Sprint S 150 ABS LED version costs 94.5 million VND.


Most of the models affected by this price reduction of Vespa are models with high prices or the most high-end models in the segment, 125cc models with not too high sales.

It can be said that Vespa’s price reduction is not a trend but only to stimulate sales.

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