Triumph launches a series of classic motorcycles, priced from 359 million in Vietnam

Many Triumph retro-style models (Triumph Modern Classics) have just had their colors changed across the entire product range, creating more choices for customers.

The first is the Speed ​​Twin 900 model, formerly known as Street Twin (currently priced from 359 million VND in the Vietnamese market) with a new color scheme of Matt Silver Ice.

With a compact body shape suitable for the needs and body types of Asian people, Street Twin (now Speed ​​Twin 900) is considered Triumph’s most successful Modern Classic car line.

In addition to the Speed ​​Twin 900, this new product portfolio also includes its brother Triumph Scrambler 900 (priced from 405 million VND in Vietnam), formerly known as Street Scrambler with two new paint color options: Carnival Red/Jet Black and Matt Khaki.

Beautiful, rugged, off-road spirited and highly versatile. The Street Scrambler series, now the Scrambler 900, has created a worldwide reputation. New innovations bring a whole new look to performance, features and style to one of Triumph’s easiest to buy and ride Modern Classics.

As for the big Bonneville twins, the T100, T120 and T120 Black will also have three new paint color options, which are Meriden Blue / Tangerine for the T100 (currently priced from 410 million VND in Vietnam), while T120 and T120 Black (from VND 579 million and VND 585 million, respectively) have Aegean Blue / Fusion White and Sapphire Black / Matt Sapphire Black, respectively.

Inspired by the legendary Bonneville ’59, the Bonneville T100 possesses a beautiful design but still retains the characteristics of the original. Meanwhile, the Bonneville T120 possesses many expensive details such as chrome badges, handrails, improved chrome double exhaust pipes and pea-shooter style mufflers. The new version of the T120 offers lighter weight and better handling.

Inheriting all the features, quality and performance of the T120, the Bonneville T120 Black is unique, stylish and graceful but still retains a nostalgic look that highlights the style and spirit of the Modern car line. Classic.

Coming to the Speed ​​Twin 1200 (priced from 589 million VND in the Vietnamese market), besides two modern colors, Red Hopper and Jet Black, there will be a new color option, Matt Baja Orange. .

Speed ​​Twin, with a capacity of 1200cc, has affirmed its illustrious name in the Modern Classics line. Appearing in a completely new version that offers modern tuning capabilities, the car is also equipped with advanced driving assistance technology.

The motorcycle chosen by James Bond (Agent 007) in the recent movie (No Time To Die) is the Scrambler 1200 XE and Scrambler 1200 XC, both versions now have a new outfit, Carnival Red / Jet Black, joins last year’s colors of Matt Khaki Green/Matt Jet Black and Black Sapphire. Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE and 1200 XC have genuine selling prices in Vietnam from 649 million VND and 599 million VND respectively.

Equipped with the most advanced technical features, the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE is a motorcycle for those who are passionate about exploring dangerous terrain and have off-road capabilities. The vehicle possesses an optimized driving position to cope with all situations occurring on asphalt, roads, and of course climbing terrain. The Triumph Street Scrambler 1200 XC is truly a Modern Classic, an icon of eye-catching beauty.

Other Bonnevilles models such as the Bobber and Speedmaster (both priced in Vietnam from 625 million VND) also received new colors, Hopper Red and Cordovan Red, respectively.

The latest version of the Bobber line, with its signature design that has won many awards, is now upgraded to a new level with significant improvements in performance and equipment. Speedmaster has brought a completely new breeze to the famous Bonneville car line. With a classic British spirit of generosity, the footrest is in the front, the handlebars recline back and the side seat can be flexibly adjusted.

And finally, the sporty Thruxton RS has also been added by Triumph with a new color option of Green / Bang Silver. In Vietnam, Triumph Thruxton RS is currently priced from 625 million VND in Vietnam. Thruxton RS possesses all the historical marks and typical details of the Thruxton R anniversary edition. The car has a frame with a contemporary sporty style, inspired by the racetrack.

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