Toyota Vios has changed its selling price, almost the highest in the B-class sedan segment

Although there are no new changes, this is the second time Toyota Vios in Vietnam has had its selling price changed by increasing 6 million VND for the versions.

Previously in May 2022, Toyota Vios had an increase of 6 million VND for versions with new selling prices from 483 to 635 million VND. However, according to the latest announcement from the company since the beginning of July, the selling price has increased by 6 million VND.

With a new selling price from 489 to 589 million VND, Toyota Vios officially becomes one of the most expensive models in the B-class sedan segment. Also at this time, the GR Sport version is no longer distributed.


Despite a total increase of 12 million VND, Toyota Vios versions do not have any new upgrades from equipment to design. The most recent upgrade was in February 2021 when there were some slight changes in design, the interior remained almost the same.

In addition to Toyota Vios, two new recruits, Toyota Veloz Cross and Avanza Premio, have also just had new price adjustments. Some unconfirmed information also says that from August, a series of Toyota cars will continue to change prices.

However, Toyota Vios is still the car model with the highest sales in the B-segment segment, far ahead of its two main competitors, Honda City and Hyundai Accent. Compared to the entire market, Toyota Vios only ranks VinFast Fadil based on sales results announced by Vama.

According to the company’s explanation, the price adjustment depends on many factors such as taxes, fees, labor, materials, transportation, etc. Therefore, Toyota will have a distribution plan based on each time in the market. which offers the most suitable price.

From the beginning of the year until now, there have been more than 11,937 Toyota Vios cars sold on the market and is considered to have the best sales today. However, in June 2022, there were only 673 cars sold, which was also the first time this B brand sedan entered the top 10 of the month.

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