Toyota Vios 2023 launched in Thailand, priced from 352 million, easy to sell when returning to Vietnam

With a price of 352-450 million VND in Thailand, Toyota Vios 2023 is expected to regain its throne if it returns to Vietnam thanks to its new design and many equipment.

Since launching the third generation in 2013, Toyota Vios has been winning the hearts of a large number of users in the Asia-Pacific market.

And recently, the car company from the land of the rising sun launched the new generation Vios 2023 in the Thai market, with four versions: Sport, Smart, Premium and Premium Luxury. The proposed selling price for each copy is 539,000 baht (~ 352 million VND), 584,000 baht (~ 381 million VND), 659,000 baht (~ 430 million VND) and 689,00 baht (~ 450 million VND).

toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-1 toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-2

Fourth generation Toyota Vios Dimensions: length, width, height are 4,425, 1,740, 1,480 and wheelbase 2,620 mm. Compared to the previous generation, Vios 2023 is 17 mm shorter in length but 10 mm wider and 5 mm higher. Along with that, the wheelbase also increased by 70 mm. The turning radius is also reduced to only 4.8 meters.


The overall car is designed to be more square and sturdy – somewhat inspired by its “elder” Toyota Corolla Altis and Camry. The front of the car is more angular, with LED technology lights and sharp positioning strips. The front bumper with two vertical air intakes, comes with a larger black painted grille.

toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-4 toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-5

toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-6 toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-7

The hood is swept back in Coupe style – a design that is popular on many popular car models today. The rear of the car has an equally sporty design thanks to a separate diffuser and side air intakes. The LED taillight cluster is square and more sturdy. The trunk lid is shaped like a spoiler.

toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-8 toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-9

toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-10 toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-11

Vios 2023 is equipped with a set of 7-spoke chrome-plated wheels with a black interior, with a size of 16 inches, increasing the sporty look of this new generation.


Inside the sample interior compartment Toyota Vios 2023 This is a familiar design that is used for the current Corolla Altis model. The changed steering wheel brings a new look to the interface, still integrating many function buttons. The 9-inch touch infotainment screen is located on the dashboard surface, supports Apple CarPlay/Android Auto.

toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-13 toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-14

toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-15 toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-16

Behind the steering wheel is a 7-inch information display screen. Some other equipment on the Toyota Vios 2023 includes a 6-speaker Pioneer sound system, air conditioning system for the second row, 64-color interior ambient lighting, automatic air conditioning system, PM 2.5 air filtration system, Mechanical seats covered with leather and fabric, Start/Stop starter,…

toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-17 toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-18

toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-19 toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-20

Safety and driver assistance technology available on the new generation Toyota Vios include electronic handbrake, AutoHold, 360-degree camera, Cruise Control cruise control system, blind spot warning, adjustable LED headlights. automatic projection angle, rear cross-traffic warning, lane departure warning system,…

toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-21 toyota-vios-2023-ra-mat-thai-lan-cafeautovn-22

Toyota Vios 2023 uses a 4-cylinder in-line engine, new code 3NR-VE, 1.2 liter capacity producing a maximum capacity of 94 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 110 Nm at 4,400 rpm, combined with CVT automatic transmission and front-wheel drive system.


Photo: Autolife Thailand

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