Toyota Veloz and Avanza prices increased by 10 million from August: customers who deposited in March still have to pay

Customers who deposit their cars from March still have to accept an additional 10 million when buying Toyota Veloz Cross and Avanza if they deliver the car after July.

A series of sales consultants from Toyota dealers recently posted the August price list of two MPV models, Veloz Cross and Avanza. Accordingly, these two models both increased by 10 million VND, reaching a new level of between 658-706 million VND with Toyota Veloz Cross and Toyota Veloz Cross. Toyota Avanza is 558-598 million VND.


Dealers have not given a reason for the price increase of the two MPV models mentioned above. According to research from some sales consultants, the car’s selling price is currently not finalized by the dealer with the customer. Instead, the selling price will adjust depending on the time of vehicle delivery.

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This price adjustment of Toyota Veloz Cross and Avanza has attracted a lot of interest from customers who have not yet had their cars delivered. Mr. Le Thanh Binh said: “I also deposited in March, the new sale told me to pay an additional 10 million if it passed in August.”

The case of Mr. Do Trung Thuong is similar. He shared: “I deposited in April, the newspaper said it would deliver in July, but now I don’t have it and the appointment is for August + 10 million. I still have to accept it, but I don’t know what to do now.” In general, most customers, despite the price increase, still accept waiting to receive the car instead of withdrawing a deposit.

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Although it has just been launched in the Vietnamese market not long ago, Toyota Veloz Cross has affirmed its position in the small MPV segment, contributing to improving the somewhat gloomy sales of its “brothers” Rush, Avanza and Innova due to their market share. previously occupied by Mitsubishi Xpander.

toyota-veloz-avanza-tang-gia-thang-8-cafeautovn-6 toyota-veloz-avanza-tang-gia-thang-8-cafeautovn-7

Even at the time of launch less than a month ago in March this year, Toyota Veloz Cross surprised rival Xpander by selling more than 600 cars. The combined sales of Veloz Cross and Avanza from the beginning of the year until now are 5,320 vehicles, but still lower than Xpander’s 8,084 vehicles. Even though it has a reasonable price and good equipment, buying “beer with peanuts” still affects Veloz’s goodwill.

toyota-veloz-avanza-tang-gia-thang-8-cafeautovn-8 toyota-veloz-avanza-tang-gia-thang-8-cafeautovn-9

Two other models in the small MPV segment compete with Toyota Veloz Cross and Avanza are Suzuki XL7 and Ertiga. This segment will be even hotter in the near future with the addition of Hyundai Stargazer and KIA Carens 2022 with a more modern, youthful appearance.

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