Toyota Thailand teases the new generation Vios, free from the popular car label, designed like a sports car

Toyota’s B-class sedan has just appeared in the first images revealing new changes from the exterior to the interior that have surprised many people.

Specifically, Toyota in Thailand has posted a teaser teasing a B-class sedan with the code name D92A, rumored to be the new generation Toyota Vios that will be launched on August 9. Based on the video, it can be seen that this car model has had many very different changes.


Accordingly, the overall car part that is said to be the Vios has many external changes such as the car’s design with the roof swept back in a coupe style, the side glass extended to the C-pillar. Predict the overall size. The car will be somewhat larger than its predecessor. The front and rear of the car also have clear changes, more angular and square with many similarities from the Corolla Altis and Camry.

The interior space has also been completely changed with many design features taken from the elder Toyota Altis, the large central screen is placed prominently, the new steering wheel integrates function keys, the buttons are arranged more neat mind. More positions are covered with leather than the previous generation, but it is unclear whether the brakes are electronic or traditional mechanical.


Other information such as safety equipment or engine specifications have not yet been disclosed. However, some local sources say there will be 2 engine options including 1.2L naturally aspirated and 1.5L hybrid. The hybrid configuration will be somewhat similar to a similar model, the Prius, with a total capacity of about 115 horsepower.

In addition, the chassis of the new Toyota Vios will be DNGA like on recent new models such as Raize, Avanza Premio or Veloz Cross.


Maybe after launching in Thailand, Toyota Vietnam will quickly bring in the new generation Vios to increase competitiveness against competitors in the segment such as Hyundai Accent or Honda City.

Although Toyota Vios’s popularity has recently cooled down, this is the company’s best-selling car model in the Vietnamese market.

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