Top 5 super cool and durable 50cc motorbike models that are selling well today

The variety of 50cc motorbike models on the market has made finding a quality 50cc motorbike not so easy.

No driver’s license required, speed not too high, durable quality. That is the advantage that helps 50cc motorbikes become the vehicle that dominates the market today.

But Choose a car that is both durable and durable While ensuring fashion is not easy. Because there are many brands and Designs and styles of 50cc motorbikes appear on the market.

Below are 5 50cc motorbike models that are super durable and popular with customers recently.

Kymco Hermosa 50cc scooter

KYMCO Hermosa 50cc-CafeAuto-2

The stylish appearance has made the Kymco Hermosa 50cc scooter become a vehicle for young people today. Advanced paint spraying technology with 2 types of paint: glossy paint and rough paint. LED lighting system increases lighting efficiency.

The 50cc Kymco Hermosa scooter runs strong, glides smoothly, and has steady steering on all roads. Conveniences such as a large trunk, convenient rear footrest, external fuel tank, multi-function locks, etc. also contributed to helping the Hermosa 50cc bike receive love from users.

Espero 50cc scooter

Espero 50cc-CafeAuto-3

Leading the way is the 50cc Espero scooter model of Detech Group. The Espero 50cc scooter stands out from every angle with its attractive curves. Combined with a chrome-plated metal border car luxurious than. Full LED lighting system provides excellent lighting efficiency.

XThe e-ga Espero 50cc attracts users with its modern engine and performance capabilities. Front disc brakes combined with rear mechanical brakes and large tubeless tires provide maximum safety in all cases.

Roma SX 50cc scooter

Roma SX-CafeAuto-4

It’s a car model Have With soft, sophisticated lines and luxurious design, the Roma SX 50cc scooter makes women fall in love at first sight. Roma SX 50cc Have dominance To be Suitable for girls’ height and easy to move in urban areas. The variety of colors on glossy and rough paint helps customers much option.

The car engine is imported in complete units, produced on a high-tech production line car help Smooth operation and few breakdowns. Vì sosample car This Stable for long periods of use. The vehicle’s load capacity reaches 180kg by The chassis is made from sturdy stainless steel.

Sym Galaxy 50cc motorbike

Sym Galaxy-CafeAuto-5

With pWith bold and personality style, Galaxy is a Sym 50cc digital bike that represents young people with a dynamic and youthful lifestyle. The car’s appearance is somewhat alike with Large displacement sports car model create “cool” characteristics and personality. Men who like strong personalities will definitely be attracted to this car model.

The car engine has been upgraded to be more powerful, helping the car run faster, glide smoother and especially save fuel. On average, to run a distance of 100km, Galaxy 50cc only need 1.7 liters of gasoline. The chassis is made from high-strength steel with a multi-link structure to help the vehicle not lose balance when traveling on rough roads. Beautiful design, sturdy, durable, Galaxy 50cc motorbike will bring great experiences to customers.

Cub 86 Sumotor

Cub 86-CafeAuto-6

The Cub 86 Sumotor with its nostalgic design brings a familiar feeling and is suitable for all ages. NUnique attractive lines such as sharp lines, modern paint, and shiny embossed chrome details have created a delicate beauty and unique personality for the Cub 86 Sumotor model.

KFamiliar round light design, instead of Halogen lights, Cub 86 Sumotor is equipped with modern layered LED lights. It provides outstanding lighting efficiency to help the car stand out in the dark, but also has a very long lifespan and saves energy. The car engine provides durable, smooth operation. The high-end suspension system on the car provides the smoothest and most comfortable journeys for companions.

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