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Mr. Tai bought a Nissan X-Trail V-Series 2.5 SV Luxury car for more than 1 billion VND in May 2019. Even though the car has been used for less than 3 years, it had to be in Nissan’s workshop for up to 3 months due to a gearbox error of unknown cause.

The car has only traveled 80,000 km and has been in the factory for 3 months, with no return date yet

Mr. Vu Anh Tai (team 24, Noong Het commune, Dien Bien district, Dien Bien province) contacted VietNamNet newspaper to report his frustration about the warranty case of the Nissan X-Trail V-Series 2.5 SV Luxury car costing more than 1 billion VND purchased in May 2019 at Nissan Tay Ho dealership (Hanoi).

Mr. Tai said that from the time he bought the car, he had regular maintenance at Nissan Pham Van Dong (Hanoi), and after 80,000 km, the car had problems.

“On April 28, 2022, my car showed signs of error when operating, the car screen showed an engine error. I immediately called Nissan service consultant Pham Van Dong and was instructed to tow the car to the dealer. After a few days, I received a notification that my car had a transmission error, but it took 1 month for my car to be accepted for warranty after many calls to the Nissan switchboard as well as the dealer.

Until June 7, I was notified by the service staff to pick up the car and was informed that the car was under warranty to replace the gearbox and gearbox controller. However, when driving from Hanoi to Dien Bien on June 10, there were signs of error. After starting, put the car in forward gear but the car does not move, even when shifting to reverse gear, it takes a while for the car to pick up the gear but moves quite slowly even when accelerating hard,” Mr. Tai recounted the details of the car’s faulty process.

Thus, Mr. Tai’s X-Trail failed for the second time after only 3 days of returning the warranty. Once again, Mr. Tai had to take the car back to Pham Van Dong dealer. Here, the car worth more than 1 billion VND was still reported with old errors and had the engine and gearbox removed for inspection. And this car owner continues to… wait.


After more than a month, on July 16, Mr. Vu Anh Tai “packed” from Dien Bien to Hanoi to work and check the status of his Nissan X-Trail, but the dealer still had no information. officially about the repair plan and next steps.

Mr. Tai said he was very dissatisfied with the way the warranty unit worked, and was worried that his property had been waiting for too long with the engine and gearbox disassembled.

The call for help was 470 km from Hanoi

After nearly 3 months of waiting, traveling with a total distance between Hanoi and Dien Bien of nearly 1,000 km, Mr. Tai was very frustrated and felt impatient with the agent’s “delay” in providing a solution. solution, while Nissan Vietnam’s new distributor, Vietnam Automobile Industry Development Company Limited (VAD), “kicked the ball” to Nissan Asia Pacific.

“It’s been a month and I’ve called Nissan’s switchboard many times and was told that I’m still looking for the cause and sending information to Nissan factories in Thailand and Japan and asking for advice from Nissan in the Asia Pacific region. The last time I asked the company to give me a vehicle warranty receipt and clearly state the warranty period, the operator replied that they did not accept the warranty because the fault was due to poor quality. replacement parts or due to operational errors.

I realize that Nissan is intentionally prolonging the repair time for my car, and there are signs of intentionally denying responsibility for the poor quality of spare parts replacement during the previous warranty.”Mr. Tai said angrily.

Unfortunately, on July 12, Mr. Tai sent a request for help to the Department of Competition and Consumer Protection (Ministry of Industry and Trade). In the application, in addition to clearly stating the vehicle warranty process, Mr. Tai proposed that Nissan must properly handle the legal rights of consumers and have a plan to compensate for losses and inconveniences in recent times according to the law. Consumer protection law.

“I myself work in the insurance business, with a scope of operations in many northern provinces, so I bought a car to serve my work. Every month the car is in the factory, it costs me about 25 million in travel expenses. Currently, my wife I’m also pregnant, so not having a car also affects family activities a lot. Even the cost of transporting a rescue vehicle from Dien Bien to Hanoi was 5 million VND, as well as the cost of refueling a technician for a test run. I had to pay 1 million VND out of my own pocket. Meanwhile, the car, worth more than 1 billion VND, sat idle for many months without any support from the dealer,” Mr. Tai was upset.

Currently, what the owner of this Nissan The second time the car had the same error as the first time, it was too short. And there is no certainty that the car will not encounter the same error for the 3rd, 4th time,…

In April 2019, in response to dozens of Nissan Tanchong Malaysia) announced that the cause of the oil spills was just anti-rust oil for the gearbox, which is not harmful and does not affect the operation of the engine or CVT gearbox.

This conclusion later still did not satisfy users because some car owners had to fix it many times and still could not stop bleeding. Even in the case of Mr. NV Dung, an X-Trail car owner who had an oil leak in Hanoi, he was later loaned his car temporarily because the oil leak was the heaviest and longest.

From October 1, 2020 until now, Vietnam Automobile Industry Development Company Limited (VAD) has officially replaced Tanchong Malaysia with the right to distribute Nissan cars in Vietnam, and at the same time took over the warranty and maintenance obligations. for Nissan vehicles sold through former distributors.

According to

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