The hot product specializing in overpriced prices is the Honda SH that suddenly turned heads!

Is it possible that the opportunity for SH enthusiasts has come, when this specialized car model has a rare opportunity to reduce prices?!

Entering August, Honda SH 350i in Vietnam suddenly had an exception to the habit of increasing prices compared to previous proposals.

According to the survey, some genuine Honda dealers in Ho Chi Minh City are offering SH 350i at a price about 5 million VND lower than last month, falling to about 146 million VND.

This price is calculated to be about 3 million VND lower than the company’s proposed price. This is an event that surprises many people.

This hot car line from Honda often has its price inflated, sometimes by tens or tens of millions compared to the company’s proposed price.

For many Vietnamese customers, this realistic price may be an opportunity for them to consider and take the opportunity to buy a Honda SH 350i at a reasonable price as expected.

SH’s attractiveness

The appeal of SH in general and the SH 350i has almost never diminished. Ever since the Italian imported version, priced at nearly 400 million VND (about the same as a Vios), has been sought after by many customers. After being announced for genuine distribution at less than half the price, the name SH 350i became even hotter than ever.

It is almost normal for dealers to sell out of SH 350i. Many Honda car dealers said they are often in short supply of SH 350i, and some stores have even shipped out display models.

Due to the above shortage of goods, the price of SH 350i is increasing day by day, recorded at some dealers in Hanoi, the difference is up to nearly 30 million VND.

Many HEAD dealers noted the lack of versions and colors of the SH 350i. There are dealers who only have certain car versions left and do not have enough to supply to customers. These dealers have allowed pre-deposits for the car if you want to buy other versions.

Until now, even though the price has increased so quickly, the SH 350i is still in a state where the customer places a deposit on which one. Even at many dealerships, customers have deposited the entire display car.

SH 350i is a car that is highly appreciated by Vietnamese people

SH 350i is a car highly appreciated by Vietnamese people thanks to its elegant, impressive appearance with sharp Chrome-plated details, a Full LED lighting system with a new design.

Through a journey of more than 37 years of development from the first model SH50 in 1984 to more advanced versions such as SH125/150, SH300i, Honda’s SH series has become the optimal choice of customers worldwide. world.

In Vietnam, the image of the SH car model has long become a symbol of class and luxury. Inheriting those characteristics, the new SH350i model continues to make a strong impression with its “technologically modern” and “superior” beauty.

SH350i has a 329.6cc eSP+ engine, SOHC and PGM-Fi electronic fuel injection system for maximum capacity of 21.5 kW at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 31.8 Nm at 5,250 rpm. /minute.

There are also many technologies and utilities aimed at safety and user experience such as ABS anti-lock system, HSTC anti-slip technology when accelerating suddenly, Smart Key, Type-C connection, Bluetooth with phone and a separately developed My Honda+ application.

For Vietnamese people, cars show off their inherent luxury, in addition to bringing youthfulness and dynamism to the owner.

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