Strange as the Isuzu Mu-X, not yet officially launched but available for display at dealers

Although not officially launched, the dealer already has versions of the Isuzu Mu-X model available with prices starting from 870 million VND.

The new generation of Isuzu Mu-X has been scheduled for launch, but in contrast to other competitors, this SUV model is already available at dealers nationwide with all versions. Specifically, there will be 4 versions sold including B7 1.9 MT, B7 Plus 1.9 AT, Prestige 1.9 AT, Premium 1.9 AT 4×4 with prices of 870 million VND, 945 million VND, 1,075 billion VND and 1,140 billion VND respectively.


This price is higher than its predecessor but is still considered the cheapest in the SUV segment. Contrary to previous expectations, the 3.0L version still does not appear, only the version uses a 1.9L engine with a capacity of 150 horsepower, 350 Nm and comes with a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission.


The new generation of Isuzu Mu-X has a more elaborate design, the headlights are neatly redesigned using LED bulbs, the taillights are also LED, and the side glass is seamless. The grille still has the Isuzu style but has slight tweaks.


Notably, the interior space of the Isuzu Mu-X has been upgraded to keep up with other competitors. Specifically, the steering wheel has been replaced, the large central screen supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, and the car has an electronic handbrake and automatic brake hold. The interior is covered with cowhide leather and comes with an 8-way electrically adjustable driver’s seat.


In terms of safety, in addition to basic equipment, Isuzu Mu-X also has additional features such as automatic throttle, speed limit, collision warning, emergency braking, cross-traffic warning when reversing, and warning. Blind spot warning, unintended acceleration prevention and tire pressure warning.

The new version of Isuzu Mu-X is expected to bring better sales than its predecessor. Although this car model was previously highly appreciated for its performance and good price, the interior and exterior design was not high and difficult to suit Vietnamese users’ tastes, so sales were somewhat slower than other competitors. .

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