Preview of the 2022 Ford Ranger just launched in Malaysia: price from 567 million VND, many genuine equipment

Ford Ranger 2022 in the Malaysian market with a starting price of 567 million VND, the Wildtrak version also has many modern equipment.

Genuine Ford distributor in Malaysia recently launched the all-new 2022 Ford Ranger model, including four versions: XL, XLT, XLT Plus and Wildtrak and 6 different variants with manual and automatic transmission options. dynamic.


The starting price of the Ford Ranger 2.0L XL is from RM 108,888 (~ VND 567 million). The 2.0L XLT version goes up to RM 124,888, equivalent to about 650 million VND and the XLT Plus is RM 142,888 (~ 744 million VND). The most advanced is the Ford Ranger Wildtrak priced at RM 168,888 (~ 880 million VND).


The new generation of Ford Ranger was launched globally in November 2021, with many changes in appearance. The biggest highlight on the Ranger 2022 is the rear cargo door with integrated additional steps to help users easily load and unload goods instead of having to climb in from the rear wheel. This detail is quite similar to the design on the Ford F-150.

ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-3 ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-4

Regarding design, New Ford Ranger has a more “muscular” appearance than before thanks to the stronger design of the front of the car. The lighting cluster is stylized from the letter C, with quite impressive LED strip edges. The black-painted grille is made up of 3D shapes, with a more ribbed front bumper underneath.

ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-5 ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-6

In addition, to attract attention from young customers, the American car company has reduced the use of chrome-plated details on the Ford Ranger 2022. The Wildtrak version is equipped with a Matrix LED lighting system (automatic). dynamically adjusts the projection angle). The XLT and XLT Plus versions use LED lights, while the XL version only has halogen lights.

ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-7 ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-8

Regarding wheel equipment on the 2022 Ford Ranger, the XL version has a size of 16 inches with 255/70 tires, while the XLT and XLT Plus are equipped with 17 inches and tires similar to the XL version. The most advanced version of Wildtrak uses 18-inch alloy wheels, combined with 255/65 tires.

ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-9 ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-10

The new generation Ford Ranger sold in Malaysia uses a 2.0-liter EcoBlue 4-cylinder diesel engine, with single or twin turbocharged variants. The capacity for the single turbocharged engine is 167 horsepower at 3,500 rpm and 405 Nm of torque at 1,750 – 2,500 rpm, while the twin turbocharger is more powerful reaching 207 horsepower at 3,750 rpm and 500 Nm at 1,750 – 2,000 rpm.

ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-11 ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-12

The XL and XLT versions use a 6-speed automatic transmission, the XLT Plus and Wildtrak versions use a 10-speed automatic transmission. All variants are equipped with Ford’s familiar 4-wheel drive system and electronic gearshift system. Besides, Ranger Wildtrak also has Ranger Raptor driving modes such as Normal, Eco, Tow/Haul, Slippery and Mud/Ruts and Sand.

ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-13 ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-14

Inside the interior of Ford Ranger 2022 is a completely new design, changing the user’s view of a pickup truck. Vertical air conditioning vents are larger in size than the previous generation. The biggest change is the 12-inch vertical touchscreen infotainment screen (10.1 inches for the remaining variants), combined with the Ford SYNC 4 system and wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility. .

ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-15 ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-16

The XLT, XLT Plus and Wildtrak versions are equipped with a six-speaker sound system, with the XL version only having four speakers. Some other standard equipment such as an 8-inch TFT dashboard that changes color according to driving mode, USB-C and USB-A connection ports, etc. The Wildtrak version has a leather-covered interior with a 360-degree camera and smartphone charger. wireless smart.

ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-17 ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-18

ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-19 ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-20

In the Vietnamese market, Ford Ranger 2022 is not yet released. However, its “brother” is the recently launched Ford Everest 2022 with a similar design. The old generation of Ranger sold in our country costs from 628 to 937 million VND. This is also the best-selling pickup model in the Vietnamese market compared to competitors such as Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi Triton, Mazda BT-50 or Toyota Hilux.

ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-21 ford-ranger-2022-ra-mat-malaysia-cafeautovn-22

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