Mitsubishi Triton Phantom Plus launched, priced from 733 million, easily makes Vietnamese off-roaders fall in love with it

Mitsubishi Triton Phantom Plus is limited to 1,000 units with an aggressive appearance and has just launched in the Malaysian market with prices starting at only 733 million VND.

Introduced last month on media channels, Mitsubishi Triton Phantom Plus Edition was recently launched in Malaysia. This is a limited production variant of 1,000 units and has a rolling price of RM 139,700 (~ 733 million VND). The price of the Phantom Plus Edition is between the Athlete and the AT Premium. The car has an exclusive Jet Black Mica exterior paint color.

mitsubishi-triton-phantom-plus-ra-mat-cafeautovn-1 mitsubishi-triton-phantom-plus-ra-mat-cafeautovn-2

Therefore, Triton Phantom Plus Edition is developed based on the AT Premium variant. The main difference of Triton Phantom Plus compared to all other variants of Triton lies in its aggressive, off-road appearance. The front bumper creates a highlight with three red panels that contrast with the body. On the hood, there are a pair of LED lights and ribbed panels.

mitsubishi-triton-phantom-plus-ra-mat-cafeautovn-3 mitsubishi-triton-phantom-plus-ra-mat-cafeautovn-4

Similarly, the rear of the car also has red accents. Other details of the car are painted black to increase the aggressive look such as the steering wheel, rearview mirror covers, bars on the cargo door, etc. Besides, this version is equipped with a fixed frame design. sports on the trunk. Right above the rear wheel arch is the words Phantom Plus.

mitsubishi-triton-phantom-plus-ra-mat-cafeautovn-5 mitsubishi-triton-phantom-plus-ra-mat-cafeautovn-6

To improve the aesthetics as well as add strength to the limited edition Mitsubishi Triton, the Japanese automaker has added new wheel arches, under-door panels and a matte black painted spoiler on the cargo door. Comes with a set of 18-inch alloy wheels finished in glossy black and Yokohama Geolandar tires.



Interior of Triton Phantom Plus Edition Also changed in some details. The seats are covered in black faux leather material, dotted with contrasting red stitching and patterns inspired by sports cars. The floor mats have a similar red border, with Phantom Plus lettering.

mitsubishi-triton-phantom-plus-ra-mat-cafeautovn-9 mitsubishi-triton-phantom-plus-ra-mat-cafeautovn-10

mitsubishi-triton-phantom-plus-ra-mat-cafeautovn-11 mitsubishi-triton-phantom-plus-ra-mat-cafeautovn-12

Other standard equipment on the Mitsubishi Triton Phantom Plus Edition includes a 9-inch touch infotainment screen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a suite of safety technologies such as ABS, EBD, and control systems. Active body stabilization, traction control, driver attention/rest warning, hill start assist and trailer stability assist.

mitsubishi-triton-phantom-plus-ra-mat-cafeautovn-13 mitsubishi-triton-phantom-plus-ra-mat-cafeautovn-14

Based on the specifications of the AT Premium variant, this limited edition of 1,000 Mitsubishi Triton does not have the safety technology package, driver assistance from the top-end Triton Athlete, including Forward Collision Mitigation, Warning Blind spot warning, Lane change assist, Rear cross traffic warning, Automatic headlights and False acceleration mitigation system.

mitsubishi-triton-phantom-plus-ra-mat-cafeautovn-15 mitsubishi-triton-phantom-plus-ra-mat-cafeautovn-16

“Heart” of Mitsubishi Triton Phantom Plus comes from a 2.4 liter MIVEC turbodiesel engine, producing maximum power of 181 horsepower and maximum torque of 430 Nm. Power is transmitted to all four wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission. In addition, the Easy Select 4WD system has an off-road mode and combined with a downhill control function.

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