Lexus IS 500 F Sport Performance First Edition launched in Japan: after-tax price up to 6 billion

Lexus has just launched the IS 500 F Sport Performance sports sedan for the Japanese market, using a powerful 5.0L V8 engine with a capacity of 475 horsepower.

Specific information about the Lexus IS 500 will be announced after the winter of 2022, but there does not seem to be much of a difference between the F Sport Performance and F Sport Performance Premium versions in the US market. With prices starting from 57,925 USD (~ 1.36 billion VND) and 62,425 USD (~ 1.46 billion VND), both variants have a naturally aspirated V8 engine with a capacity of 5.0 liters.

lexus-is-500-f-sport-performance-nhat-cafeautovn-1 lexus-is-500-f-sport-performance-nhat-cafeautovn-2

Of course, this engine is also used on the IS 500 Performance in the Japanese market. This 5.0 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine produces a maximum capacity of 475 horsepower and maximum torque of 535 Nm.

lexus-is-500-f-sport-performance-nhat-cafeautovn-3 lexus-is-500-f-sport-performance-nhat-cafeautovn-4

This is 3 horsepower more than the similar version for the US market, but torque remains the same. With a mass of 1,765 kg, Lexus IS 500 F Sport Performance First Edition Easily reaches 100 km/h from a standstill in 4.5 seconds.

lexus-is-500-f-sport-performance-nhat-cafeautovn-5 lexus-is-500-f-sport-performance-nhat-cafeautovn-6

Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission with the help of a Torsen limited-slip differential. The sports sedan is equipped with an adaptive variable suspension (AVS), Yamaha performance rear dampers and larger sized brake discs (14 inches at the front and 12.7 inches at the rear).

lexus-is-500-f-sport-performance-nhat-cafeautovn-7 lexus-is-500-f-sport-performance-nhat-cafeautovn-8

The Japanese Lexus IS 500 F Sport Performance does not have any changes in appearance compared to the American version. Therefore, it uses the same sporty body kit, bonnet with large ribs, 19-inch cast aluminum wheels (BBS matte black optional), black painted brake calipers, spoiler and diffuser. with symmetrically placed dual exhaust pipes.

Inside, the car is covered in Ultra Suede leather with an F Sport badge, seats with integrated cooling function, premium leather-wrapped steering wheel, 8-inch infotainment screen and digital instrument cluster.

lexus-is-500-f-sport-performance-nhat-cafeautovn-9 lexus-is-500-f-sport-performance-nhat-cafeautovn-10

There is currently no official selling price Lexus IS 500 F Sport Performance for the Japanese market. However, referring to the price for the US market, we can temporarily calculate that the after-tax selling price of this sports sedan when returned to Vietnam will be nearly 6 billion VND. In this price range, users often choose the BMW M3 or some other two-door sports cars.

lexus-is-500-f-sport-performance-nhat-cafeautovn-11 lexus-is-500-f-sport-performance-nhat-cafeautovn-12

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