Let’s take a look at the glorious project created specifically for BMW fans

Classic car language is rarely incorporated into the design of motorcycles, but Belarus-based Shifcustom was inspired by the legendary BMW 328 for this R18 three-wheeler.

This glorious build was built for a customer who is a big fan of the BMW brand, and brought in a custom BMW R18 with a 1,802cc boxer engine combined with the design of the iconic car. BMW 328 statue.

BMW R18-CafeAuto-2

ShifCustom’s 15-strong team, located in Minsk, designed the chassis and manufactured the body, using some parts from spare parts manufacturers and machining only the leather.

Most of the engineering is hidden under the R18’s new hood. ShifCustom designed a three-wheeled chassis for the R18, the front subframe was retuned and bolted to the main frame via reinforced brackets and kept the independent suspension with double wishbones.

BMW R18-CafeAuto-3

The system includes an extended steering stem, to transfer input from the handlebars to the wheel, and a pair of adjustable shock absorbers. The wheels themselves are modified Audi A3 items, accompanied by Nissin brakes that bring the tuned version closer to the car.

ShifCustom used software to design the suspension, but the bodywork was done using traditional techniques. The most striking feature is the aluminum nose cone, which clearly resembles the BMW 328 with its dual front grille.

BMW R18-CafeAuto-4

Every last detail is stunning, from the BMW frame up front, to the windscreen panels at the top and sides.

When removing the leather belt and the hood opens into two parts, it will be the front of the car and some electronic components. Below are two Harley V-Rod headlights, rebuilt manually. ShifCustom had to develop an add-on module to make them perform better than the original BMW electrical system.

BMW R18-CafeAuto-5

Completing the body is a set of fenders that match the car’s shape, handcrafted from aluminum. The rear wheels also get custom fenders, as well as BMW’s spoilers on the side covers.

ShifCustom has revised the speedometer and swapped the fuel cap for a neatly knurled aluminum section. Other add-ons include striped rearview mirrors and new turn signals, with the rear units doubling as taillights.

BMW R18-CafeAuto-6

The new paint color of the R18 is very simple but outstanding when combining silver and blue. The main color is also painted on the wheels, valve covers and muffler as a highlight to create elegance for the car.

BMW R18-CafeAuto-7

BMW R18-CafeAuto-8

BMW R18-CafeAuto-9

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