Launched less than half a month ago, the new generation Isuzu Mu-X suddenly dropped in price sharply

As the new month may enter, some dealers have offered promotions for Isuzu’s new SUV line with the lowest price from 870 million VND after incentives.

Specifically, more than 4 versions of Isuzu Mu-X are being offered by dealers at prices lower than the suggested price of 30 to 55 million VND depending on the version sold. So after the above incentives, Mu-X continues to become the most accessible SUV in the segment compared to other competitors.

Listed price


Reduced level

Isuzu Mu-X B7

900 million VND

870 million VND

30 million VND

Isuzu Mu-X B7 Plus

980 million VND

945 million VND

35 million VND

Isuzu Mu-X Prestige

1.12 billion VND

1.07 billion VND

50 million VND

Isuzu Mu-X Premium

1.19 billion VND

1,135 billion VND

55 million VND

If you pay attention, the price after the promotion is somewhat similar to the price that sales consultants offered when the Isuzu Mu-X was not yet launched, only stopping at the deposit level. In addition, depending on the dealer policy as well as the purchase agreement, users can also receive additional accessories such as heat insulation film, floor lining, dash cam, air purifier, tire pressure, etc.

Isuzu Mu-X was launched on the market at the end of July with only the option of a 1.9 L turbocharged diesel engine with a performance level of 150 horsepower, 350 Nm combined with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. Only the Premium version has four-wheel drive and electronic transmission, the remaining versions only have rear-wheel drive.

The new generation of Isuzu Mu-X attracts users’ attention with a completely new design in a more modern and sporty direction. The interior has also been improved and no longer has the utilitarian look like a truck. According to the manufacturer, the car has a new chassis structure that helps increase bearing capacity better.

In terms of safety, the Isuzu Mu-X is also quite fully equipped with a series of systems such as intelligent automatic throttle, speed limiter, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, Cross-traffic warning when reversing, blind spot warning, anti-unintended acceleration, tire pressure warning, 8 front and rear sensors, automatic headlight lifting and lowering and 6 airbag system.

Although it has the most accessible listed price in the segment, the car price is now more attractive. However, reaching users is still a difficult question when the company’s communication activities are still somewhat limited and the service workshops are not very many and diverse.

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