Latest Honda car price update: Winner

While the price of Winner

Due to the ongoing shortage, the remaining number of SH models at dealerships is not enough to serve the needs of customers, so the selling price in early July 2022 of this model continues to increase very much. strongly, some versions increased by more than 10 million compared to early June.


Specifically, the SH 125 CBS, SH 150 CBS and SH 150 ABS versions are priced at 83.5 million VND, 101 million VND, and 120 million VND, respectively, an increase of 1 – 2 million VND compared to last month. .

Meanwhile, the two versions SH 125 ABS and SH 150 ABS Sports are currently selling for up to 100 million VND and 130 million VND at dealers, respectively, both versions have increased sharply by 10 million VND compared to last month.


Honda not only upgraded the engine for both SH 125 and SH 150 but also focused more on design and equipped with modern technology aimed at user experience.

That is also the reason why this car line is favored by many users.


Recorded at some HEAD dealers, SH 125 ABS and SH 150 ABS Sports are two versions that customers are interested in and ask to buy a lot.

Therefore, these versions are currently very scarce, leading to a sharp increase in selling prices in July.



With the current large demand, along with the scarcity of cars in Hanoi in particular and the country in general, the upward trend in prices of the above car models will still be maintained and will lose quite a bit of money. plenty of time for the prices of car models like the SH to stabilize.


* The actual selling price of Honda SH mentioned above may vary depending on different dealers. Customers can go to the nearest dealer for more details.

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