I didn’t expect ‘Chinese magicians’ to create such a cool and ‘buffalo’ TS Bravo electric car!

TS Bravo is the next product from Alrendo – a new car manufacturer from China. TS Bravo stands out with its outstanding range per charge and fast battery charging speed, equivalent to a 125cc vehicle.

Dr. Bravo is a new electric vehicle product from a Chinese manufacturer, which has created its own unique character. When creating an electric motorbike that is highly competitive with motorbikes running internal combustion engines. Alrendo engineers have found a way to optimize the travel distance for the 17.4 kWh battery.

Dr. Bravo-CafeAuto-2

The car can travel up to 438 km on a single full charge. That’s for ideal city running conditions at standard speeds.

When traveling on the highway, TS Bravo can run up to 160 km. When traveling mixed distances between city and highway, the vehicle is calculated to be able to run a range of about 278 km.

With a 17.4 kWh battery, the car’s weight reaches 245kg, relatively high compared to an electric car.

Dr. Bravo-CafeAuto-3

The TS Bravo is equipped with dual 300mm disc brakes at the front and a 4-piston caliper accompanied by a single 240mm disc brake at the rear wheel. Along with an adjustable fork system on both wheels.

The car uses 17-inch wheels combined with 120/70 tires at the front. While the rear wheel is also a 17-inch wheel, with 180/55 tires.

Dr. Bravo-CafeAuto-4

TS Bravo has a ground clearance of 150mm, with dimensions of length x width x height: 2300mm x 885mm x 1185mm and seat height of 760mm.

According to available information, TS Bravo is sold into the European market by importing into the Czech Republic.

Dr. Bravo-CafeAuto-5

For this market, the vehicle’s power is reduced to 11kW (although the maximum power is up to 58 kW). Maximum torque reaches 54 Nm (down from maximum 117.4 Nm). When arriving in Europe, the car has a selling price of 11,200 Euro, equivalent to about 265 million VND.

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