Honda ZR-V 2023 launched in the home market, adding a hybrid version: the interior is quite similar to the newly launched CR-V

Honda ZR-V 2023 has just been introduced in the Japanese market with some exterior changes compared to the Chinese version and a cabin quite similar to the newly launched CR-V 2023 model.

Honda recently announced the 2023 ZR-V in the Japanese market. Compared to the ZR-V version for the Chinese market and the US version HR-V, the Honda ZR-V in the land of the rising sun has a more impressive design. Besides the visual tweaks, the Japanese ZR-V also has an e:HEV variant, with an AWD hybrid powertrain also expected to be available in Europe in the near future.


Basically, Honda ZR-V 2023 Japan Overall quite similar to its “brother” in the Chinese market or HR-V in the US. Some details have changed, such as the front bumper, which no longer has a rounded air cavity with black cladding, but instead has a small air cavity to create more uniformity with the car’s body. Although the grille design has not changed, it uses black painted vertical spokes to increase the sportiness.



Honda ZR-V Chinese version (picture below left) and HR-V American version (picture below right)

Similarly, the wheel arches use subtle contours instead of black plastic cladding like the ZR-V in China and HR-V in North America. The side sills and rear bumper are painted the same color as the car’s body. The rear bumper painted in contrasting colors helps improve the aesthetics of the vehicle. The Honda logo painted with a blue border shows that the car uses a hybrid powertrain, with the e:HEV badge below.


Inside the interior of Honda ZR-V for the Japanese market, the design is identical to the American HR-V and quite similar to the recently launched 2023 CR-V, including air vents attached to the dashboard, automatic air conditioning system, and touch screen. standalone infotainment and digital instrument cluster.


However, Japanese customers get a new design for the automatic transmission with buttons on the center console similar to the upcoming CR-V e:HEV, along with different seat cover options to create create a more luxurious cabin space.

More important, Honda ZR-V 2023 Sold in Japan is offered with an AWD drivetrain with hybrid technology, combined with a 2.0-liter engine and CVT transmission. Honda doesn’t reveal detailed specs, but a similar 2.0-liter hybrid powertrain found in the FWD-only Civic e:HEV delivers a combined output of 181 horsepower.

In addition to the electrified option, there is also a variant with a conventional engine, a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine combined with a CVT transmission that sends power to all four wheels.


According to Honda’s homepage, the company will begin accepting pre-orders for the ZR-V in September, before launching in the Japanese market this fall. Unlike other markets, customers in Europe will only get the e:HEV variant like the rest of Honda’s lineup.

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