Honda Vision price list in early August 2022: cooling down but still quite high difference

Honda Vision is said to be on the decline, but compared to the actual price, this model is still sold at a high price difference of more than 10 million VND.

Currently, many versions of the Honda Vision scooter line are being sold at lower prices than before. In particular, at some dealers in the Hanoi area, the Vision Standard and Premium versions range in price from 40-43.2 million VND, while the Special version costs about 46 million VND, in The Cá Cách version has the highest price of about 46-49 million VND.

Such actual price of Honda Vision is said to be much lower than the selling price in July 2022. There are times when there is a shortage of goods but demand is high, the Standard Vision alone costs more than 47 million VND, while the Personality version sometimes costs up to 60 million VND, more than 25 million VND higher than the suggested price.

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Compared to other competitors, Honda Vision is still the most popular scooter model in the popular scooter segment. Honda Vision has a starting price proposed by the company ranging from only 30 million VND to nearly 35 million VND. The car design is elegant and luxurious, with many lines mixed between popular and high-end scooters.

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The LED lighting system, the headlights have an automatic light-on feature, the instrument cluster is arranged in a combination of analogue and LCD digital technology, which looks beautiful, eye-catching and easy to observe. The car is also equipped with a smartkey and under the seat there is a large storage compartment and USB charging socket.

The vehicle is equipped with a new improved eSP engine, 110cc capacity, 4-stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled and integrated with advanced technologies such as PGM-FI electronic fuel injection, ACG starter, system Temporarily disconnect the engine from Idling Stop. This engine block reaches a maximum capacity of 6.59 kW at 7,500 rpm and good fuel economy of 1.88 liters/100 km.

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Honda Vision standard version has a suggested price of 30.23 million VND and currently the selling price at the dealer is reduced to 40 million VND. For the high-end version of Vision, the suggested selling price is 31,899 and the selling price at the dealer at this time is 43.25. The special edition has a suggested price of 33,273 and the selling price at the dealer is reduced to about 46-49 million VND.

At least for those who love this car model, when they intend to buy a car, they also have less worry about funding for their needs.

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