Honda SH 150 in Vietnam is selling for up to 130 million VND

Honda Vietnam always has a higher market share than the norm. So many dealers have pushed up car prices due to the recent shortage of goods, in which, Honda SH 2022 is the scooter model with the highest price difference today.

Currently, domestically produced and assembled Honda motorbike models are in short supply due to the impact of the global supply chain. Therefore, many dealers have pushed car prices to new record levels, in which the Honda SH 2022 in Vietnam is the scooter model with the highest price difference today.

The SH 125 CBS versions cost 83.5 million VND, SH 150 CBS costs 101 million VND and SH 150 ABS costs 120 million VND.

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Notably, the two versions of Honda SH 125 ABS and SH 150 ABS Sport have the highest increase. Currently, SH 125 ABS is priced up to 100 million VND at dealers, while SH 150 ABS Sports also costs up to 130 million VND.

Thus, Honda SH versions increased in price by 1-2 million VND, even increased by 10 million VND compared to last month, and last month’s car price was also adjusted to increase.

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In Vietnam market. Honda SH has been a popular scooter model for many years. The latest generation SH 2022 is sold on the market with 4 versions including SH 125 CBS, SH 125 ABS, SH 150 CBS and SH 150 ABS.

The length x width x height dimensions of the Honda SH 2022 are 2,090mm x 739mm x 1,129 mm, respectively, with a wheel axle distance of 1,353 mm and a ground clearance of 146 mm.

On the ABS brake version of the new SH, HVN maintains the traction control system (HSTC), a technology that is usually only applied on large displacement vehicles, helping to feel more secure when driving.

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There is some information from Honda Vietnam, when Honda’s scooter production activities were recently interrupted and have now resumed. The production line has been restored and will soon supply a certain amount of vehicles to the Vietnamese market.

It is likely that the shortage situation will improve for Honda Vietnam (HVN) when the company recently announced: “With the recent lifting of the Covid – 19 blockade in Shanghai (China), we expect to gradually increase quantity supplied to the market since July with some scooter models in short supply recently to meet customer needs…”

Therefore, from mid-July onwards Honda will provide more vehicles to dealers to help stabilize the motorbike market in Vietnam. So maybe this will be the last price increase for this scooter line.

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