Following in the footsteps of Vision and SH, Honda Lead’s turn also began to have its price pushed up

Along with the increasing trend of Honda scooter models, Honda Lead also showed signs of rapid price increase in the first half of July, with a difference from the suggested price of 6-8 million VND.

According to market growth, Hona Lead versions have also been priced rapidly, with an average increase of 2.5 million VND compared to the first half of June.

Specifically, the standard Honda Lead version increased by 1.5 million VND and is now priced at 46.5 million VND (7.44 million VND difference compared to the suggested price).

In addition, at some dealers the price of the white version is 500,000 VND to 1 million VND higher than the price of the red version. Dealers said that due to customer demand for more white colors and shortages, car prices were pushed up.

Honda Lead-Cafeauto-1

The Special Edition recorded a price reaching 50 million VND, this price was 2.2 million VND higher than around the beginning of June and 7.7 million VND higher than the suggested price.

Not only that, at some dealers, there is a record of ‘selling beer with peanuts’ and ‘peanuts’ here are accessories such as Chrome covers for footboards, machine systems, handlebars, or light switches. demi etc. From here, the price of a Honda Lead Special Edition model can reach the price mark of 55 million VND.

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Honda Lead Premium version is the version with the fastest price increase with an increase of 2.5 million VND. Currently, the high-end Lead version is distributed in 4 colors and priced at 48.5 million VND (2.5 million VND higher than at the end of June).

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Although it is in the same increasing trend as other Honda scooter models, Lead is not increasing like Vision or SH. This can still be a car model that you can consider buying right away without having to cool down in car prices.

In addition, Honda has information about increasing vehicle supply in the second half of 2022, so in the near future, the price of Honda Lead in particular and Honda scooter models in general may level off and decrease from from.

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