Exciter shelves are continuously improved, Winner X reduces prices to attract customers, Suzuki Satria keeps the same design and is still sold out

Suzuki Satria is a rare car model that does not have a ‘breakthrough’ in design. This model has kept the original design through many versions, but the changes in the new version are usually just technical upgrades. and the vehicle’s stamp, the design is not changed. However, this is still a car model that many Vietnamese users love and sells very well

As a typical Underbone model, the things that have been changed on the Satria for the new 2022 version are just the car’s paint color, without many design tweaks.

The reason why Satria’s design can ‘last’ over time is that many enthusiasts say this is a design that optimizes aerodynamics well and is much more compact than Winner X or Exciter.

Suzuki Satria-CafeAuto-2

Although the design has not changed, in each updated version of the Satria, Suzuki still adds some details to help the car have a fuller and more solid appearance.

Satria’s equipment and engine are quite simple, DOHC 4 Vale engine block, liquid cooling with 5-speed gearbox and Suzuki Advanced Twin-Spar Prame technology. Disc brakes on both wheels, telescopic forks are basic monoshock shock absorbers.

Looking at this equipment and engine, many people will say there is nothing special, but it is this simplicity that makes many people like the Satria mode. The minimalism of the engine and equipment can give users the ability to customize the vehicle to the maximum according to their wishes. This is also a reason why Satria always sells well, sometimes out of stock.

Suzuki Satria-CafeAuto-3

Currently, Suzuki Satria is distributing the F150 version in the Vietnamese market. The price of the car is quite stable from 52.5-54 million VND. Although the price is not cheap, many dealers still record Satria being out of stock, with no cars to sell to customers, especially in the southern provinces.

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