Chinese motorcycle models that are easy to maneuver and affordable like this may soon land in Vietnam

China is home to hundreds of large and small motorcycle manufacturers. From fake car models to real brands that are contributing to the global industry. One such brand is Zontes, which is expanding across Asia.


Zontes lah The manufacturer is famous for its small to mid-sized motorcycles in a variety of designs. Previously set up shop in neighboring Asian countries and some areas of Europe.

This time, the company has a plan entering one of the world’s largest motorcycle markets in terms of volume alone – India.


XZontes e-machine is a product quite suitable for the Indian market, even Vietnam: Cheap price, small and light body, ideal for crowded traffic.


In an article published by India’s BikeDekho, Zontes plans to release five models in India. These bikes are expected to have capacities ranging from 125cc to 310cc, with predictions possibly being 125G or 310R2.

The company expects naked bikes and tourers like the 310X2 GP and 310T2 to have a place in the Indian market.


About The performance of Zontes’ car models is quite good. 125cc 1-cylinder engines produce about 15 horsepower, suitable for walking around bustling cities.

Meanwhile, the larger 310cc machines are powered by a bit more power, shared from the KTM 390 series engine, with a gain of 35 horsepower.


As of now, Zontes in progress wants to cover all markets which are already full of high-tech models at affordable prices, of which Vietnam is no exception.

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