Cars are in short supply from the beginning, there is a possibility that the Vietnamese market will lack cars and increase prices

At this time, many Japanese auto manufacturers such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda… are delaying deliveries or temporarily stopping accepting new orders for some car models.

This is a situation that has lasted for many months and is now reaching a climax, mainly due to the chip shortage in the world and the impact of the 7th wave of infection of the COVID-19 epidemic in Japan.

Previously, Toyota temporarily stopped accepting new orders for its famous large SUV Land Cruiser. The company now forecasts that it will take about 4 years to deliver all the Land Cruiser cars that customers have ordered so far.

And the luxury brand Lexus issued an official announcement and apologized to customers, saying: “We have received orders that exceed our production capacity, so we are currently temporarily pausing.” the order”.

Along with Toyota, automakers Nissan and Honda also did not accept some additional car models. In addition, more and more customers of other car manufacturers also have to wait a few months before receiving deliveries.

According to automakers, as the crisis in Ukraine escalates, many sectors will be significantly affected, and analysts say automobiles should be an exception as current worldwide supply chains become more vulnerable. very closely together.

Russia is currently one of the world’s largest suppliers of several key metals Palladium and Nickel. These are the two main metals used in the automotive industry around the world.

In addition to the lack of components, especially chips, another reason why Japanese automakers have to temporarily stop accepting new orders is due to the 7th wave of COVID-19 infection in Japan. causing some companies to temporarily suspend operations of some production lines.

In the first half of this year, eight key automakers in Japan assembled about 3.4 million vehicles, down 14% over the same period last year.

Closely associated with Japanese cars, the Vietnamese market is expected to be affected both directly and indirectly, causing car shortages and likely price increases in the near future.

This has a strong impact on the cost of Japanese car buyers in Vietnam, who have recently had to endure the situation of ‘buying beer with peanuts’, especially with popular car models that attract sales.

One of those impacts caused LC300 in Vietnam to have a price channel of 1.5 billion VND compared to the listed price of 4.1 billion VND in the Vietnamese market.

Toyota dealers in Vietnam also previously announced to stop accepting deposits from customers because they could not make a commitment on vehicle delivery time.

The current situation of overpriced sales channels by dealers has not only affected the new car market but also “spread” to the value of used products. And buyers are the most disadvantaged part in this story when they have to spend many times more money than the manufacturer’s expected price.

According to a longtime luxury car sales expert, when this situation occurs, in addition to the car dealer trying to make a profit, “there may be support from the company’s employees.” The company’s staff will advise on ordering for the salon by firmly understanding the car schedule and the number of cars allocated, as well as “hot” cars (few stocks, newly released, many customers are interested in) or rare colors.

Even many employees in the company also stand up to reserve cars in the form of virtual deposits, keeping the cars to pay the difference.

Buying a car at a price much more expensive than the company’s expected price really causes difficulties for buyers because they have to pay more than the actual value of the car. Therefore, at the present time, if it is not really necessary, customers should be cautious with their decision to buy some scooter models.

We should also consider some other cheaper options, the actual retail price is not much different from the suggested price. The car market in Vietnam today has many competitive products in terms of quality, so consumers do not necessarily focus on using only a few car models to save a significant amount of money.

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