Aveta SVR180 has the same design as Honda Winner X in Vietnam but is more powerful

Aveta SVR180 has just officially launched in the Malaysian market, priced from RM 9,998, equivalent to 52.4 million VND. This manual clutch vehicle has a design very similar to the Honda RS-X (Honda Winner X in Vietnam).

Aveta Malaysia has launched a new manual motorcycle model called SVR180, the number “180” is considered the cylinder capacity level that the vehicle is equipped with and the company calls it “the ultimate superbike” for the market. Malaysia, will be priced at RM9,998 excluding insurance and road tax.

Aveta SVR180 Equipped with a 175cc liquid-cooled DOHC dual-cam single-cylinder engine combined with a six-speed gearbox and of course a chain drive system.

According to the parameters announced by the company, the engine on the SVR180 produces a maximum capacity of 16.8 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and 15.5 Nm of torque.

To compare with the Yamaha Y15ZR (which is the Yamaha Exciter 150), the SVR180 produces 1.4 horsepower and 1.7 Nm more power than the equivalent model with a capacity of 149.7cc.

Similarly, Honda RS-X (Honda Winner Torque 13.5 Nm.

Benelli RFS150i has a power of 15.5 horsepower and 13 Nm, the car uses a 6-speed gearbox and a single-cylinder SOHC engine with a capacity of 149 cc.

However, there is still a more worthy model than the Yamaha Y15ZR and Honda RS-X, the SYM VF3i 185. Although it is the same SOHC engine, still liquid-cooled, it has a capacity of 183cc and a capacity of 17 .7 horsepower and up to 16.6 Nm of torque.

Compared to the selling price, Yamaha Y15ZR is currently at RM 8,500 (equivalent to VND 44.5 million), Honda RS-X from RM 8,688 (VND 45.5 million) for the version equipped with ABS brakes, SYM VF3i from VND 9,000. RM (47.2 million VND) and Benelli RFS150i from 7,500 RM (from 40 million VND). All four models of these manual clutch vehicles have been and are being officially distributed in the Vietnamese market.

Key features on the Aveta SVR180 include LED daytime running lights, digital instrument panel, front and rear disc brakes without ABS, radiator protector and USB charging socket.

Rolling on the SVR180 is a set of 17-inch wheels with tires sized 90/80 front and 120/70 rear. The front suspension is a telescopic fork while the rear is a monoshock and the fuel tank capacity is up to 6.6 liters.

Seamless head of Aveta SVR180 in the Malaysian market is identical to Honda Winner X in Vietnam with air intakes on both sides. The LED lighting system remains the same and LED turn signals are also included in the side panels, creating a unified appearance. There is also a USB charging port, LCD display dashboard, seats and taillights.

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