Affordable, beautifully designed digital car models for new students in 2022

The back-to-school season is approaching and it’s also the time for new students to think about buying a new motorbike for traveling and studying. Below are some fuel-efficient digital car models with good prices that are very suitable for those with limited money.

Whether it is savings or sponsorship from parents, before deciding to buy a car, students should calculate the budget to spend on a new motorbike. Don’t forget to budget an additional 2-3 million for additional costs.

With a limited budget, whether from your own savings or sponsored by your parents, Before deciding to buy a car, students should calculate carefully to make a reasonable choice. Below are some digital car models CafeAuto Found it very suitable for new students.

Honda Wave Alpha 110 – Suggested selling price from 17.8 million VND

Honda is one of the most popular motorbike brands in the Vietnamese market. In addition to high-end scooter models with luxurious, sporty and fuel-efficient designs, the company still has digital vehicles at prices very suitable for the use of students.

The Honda Wave Alpha 110 digital car model has a friendly, youthful and personality design. With a selling price from 17.8 million VND, the car has only one version using spoke rims and mechanical brakes. However, in return there are many colors, new students are spoiled for choice.

Honda Blade 110 – Suggested selling price from 18.8 million VND

The second car model from Honda is Blade 110, first launched in the Vietnamese market in October 2014, has a compact design that creates a sporty and dynamic style for the driver. Brings innovation with a series of outstanding colors and is popular with many young people.

Unlike the Honda Wave Alpha 110, the Blade 110 has two versions: Standard and Sport, all of which are fully equipped with mechanical brakes, disc brakes, spoke rims and cast rims. Selling price ranges from 18.8 million VND to 21.3 million VND.

Yamaha Sirius – Suggested selling price from 18.8 million VND

Before rival Honda Wave Alpha 110, Yamaha Sirius used to be a cheap digital car model that sold well in the market and was also a digital car model that many people called the “national car” because a large number of people chose to buy it. Besides, Sirius also possesses an impressive design with a slim body, helping users to easily control more flexibly.

Yamaha Sirius is divided into two product lines: regular Sirius and Sirius FI, with cylinder capacities of 110.3cc and 115cc respectively. However, both of these lines produce 8.7 horsepower, 9.5 Nm of torque, and come with a 4-speed circular gearbox. Selling price ranges from 18.8 million VND to 21.7 million VND, depending on the version.

SYM Elegant 110 – Suggested selling price from 16.7 million VND

With a selling price of a little more than 16 million VND, SYM Elegant 110 is chosen by many affordable customers, especially students with tight finances. If talking about the design of Elegant 110 of a motorbike company from Taiwan, it really doesn’t stand out. The car has a neat design and weighs only 96 kg, so controlling the car is not too difficult.

SYM Elegant 110 does not have too many color choices. The car uses a 4-stroke engine, air-cooled system, with a capacity of 97.2cc, producing 7.1 horsepower and 6.76 Nm of torque with a 4-speed gearbox.

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